July 4, 2015: George Washington Experience

July 4, 2015

After finally arriving home after a long day yesterday of hanging out with friends before disappearing for six weeks I began to pack at one o’clock in the morning. It was a tedious task as a narrowed down my wardrobe into what would fit into three bags for the three week experience I was about to embark on. The first black, classic suitcase I filled with rolled shirts, shorts, and other clothing articles until it was about to burst and I needed to lay on top of the back in order to get it to zip. I then grabbed my small, Nike brand, black duffle from the back of my closet and loaded it up with five pairs of shoes and all of the toiletries that I would need (excluding the items I would need that morning). Once my phone hit two o’clock in the morning I decided to wrap up the packing for the night and finish in the morning prior to breakfast. I sat down and made a list of everything I had yet to pack and what bag it would need to be sorted into. After showering and putting all of my shower gear onto the sink counter I headed into bed. Right as I went to climb into bed the excitement hit me and I was not able to sleep. I kept busy by doing little tasks that I had half-finished over the last couple weeks of summer. Eventually, around four-thirty I drifted to sleep.

Before I knew it my seven o’clock alarm was blaring and it was time to wake up and finish packing. I was hesitant to climb out of my warm bed and pick my head off of the nice, soft pillow, but I soon remembered what today was and where I was leaving for within the next couple hours. I climbed down my ladder and began to finish packing and collecting everything I needed (and some things that I didn’t) for the trip. By eight-thirty I was packed an ready to go with all of my belongings loaded up in the car and a mental check list of the things I would need to pick up when we reached a CVS by Aunt Nik’s house.

Around quarter to nine Mom, Dad, Zack, and I piled into the car and headed off to Michael’s Diner for a good-bye breakfast (although I think they took it more as a celebratory event). I indulged in an American cheese and spinach omelet with a side of home fries and a glass of orange juice for my last New Jersey breakfast for a long time. The food was as delicious as always and after we had finished and paid we headed home. We ran into the house for a quick last minute check and bathroom stop before Mom and I said good-bye to Dad and Zack and began the drive down to Annapolis to meet up with Aunt Nik and Uncle Steve and celebrate America’s Independence.

The drive was ultimately uneventful as we made quick time on the travel down. We stopped in Delaware for a quick Starbucks run and bathroom break and then continued on our way. The most interesting part of the entire drive was the rain that pounded down from Delaware through about half a hour into Maryland. The traffic was light until we hit the Bay Bridge; that would not have been bad except I had to run to a bathroom and there were no options while on the long bridge. Finally, after fifteen minutes of traffic we reached a McDonald’s that I quickly dashed into. After another three miles we reached the house in Annapolis and I had officially arrived down here for the next month.

After dragging my large suitcase up the stairs into the main floor of the stilted house we put our bags down and said our “hello”s. Aunt Nik quickly asked us if we wanted any food, I obliged and ate a piece of left-over pizza covered in “everything, but mushrooms”. Mom and Aunt Nik enjoyed margaritas, while Uncle Steve had a beer and we discussed college, couches, and everything in between. Throughout the conversation, Aunt Nik’s pug Lucy barked at us, excited by the guests. Lucy is your typical pug except for one defining feature- her tongue. The pink muscle hangs out of her mouth at all times, not by choice, but because of a medical complication where her tongue cannot fit inside her mouth. Even already on this visit Lucy and her tongue did not fail to amuse us.

As things began to settle down I went into my bedroom to begin reading The Scarlet Letter, work on photography books for my grandparents, and relax. At some point I must have drifted off because before I knew it Aunt Nik was waking me up for dinner. As I exited the room I saw a delicious spread of food before me, consisting of grilled chicken, pineapple, cucumber salad, various vegetables, and corn. I made a plate and sat down at the table. Grace and Bill- Uncle Steve’s parents- had joined us for dinner so I also said hello to them and exchanged pleasantries. Following dinner I cleared my plate and retreated back into my room for some quiet time before the excitement tomorrow afternoon.

The rest of the night was relatively quiet other than watching some fireworks across the bay at the end of Aunt Nik and Uncle Steve’s street. We would scan the horizon until we could see a flash of red, white, or blue go up above the trees. After a little while some of the neighbors began to shoot off fireworks that we could see from the roof of the house so we went out to watch them and pray that our house did not get lit on fire. Eventually, it was time to call it a night, so I climbed in to bed and tried to get some sleep before tomorrow.


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