July 5, 2015: George Washington Experience

July 5, 2015

This morning I slept in until half past ten and then woke up to a breakfast of sausage, bagels, fruit, and orange juice. There was nothing on the itinerary until it was time to head out of Annapolis and into Washington D.C. I spent the morning lounging about and watching my most recent Netflix obsession- Sherlock. Around quarter to one I re-packed and Mom, Aunt Nik, and I headed out the door. Our first stop of the day was down-town Annapolis, where I quickly picked up and wrote out post-cards to all of my friends that are spending the week at Three Springs. After an uneventful ride we reached Washington D.C.

By this point it was almost two o’clock and I was hungry- a fact that I repeatedly pointed out to Aunt Nik. We found a pizza place about a block over from the George Washington University Mount Vernon campus that looked good. We sat down and ordered the salad of the day and a pizza. Both were delicious and exactly what I needed after being car-sick for the last hour. Following our late lunch we walked next door to a Safeway to pick-up sanitary wipes- a commodity we did not realize we needed until in the car on the way here. Then we journeyed to the campus.

When we reached the campus Aunt Nik followed all the “Pre-College” signs while I stared out my window trying to take everything in and imagine how it would feel to live here for the next two weeks. We eventually made it to a table where they told us that we were still about forty-five minutes early, but we were welcome to drop-off my luggage and then just wait around. At about quarter to four I said good-bye to Aunt Nik and Mom and headed to the check-in line. I checked-in with ease then picked up my luggage and headed to my dorm. On the way there one of the staff in brightly colored coral shirts informed me that myself and my roommate Carmen were the only two girls staying in our dorm. I found my room, meeting a couple guys also staying in my dorm on the way. I unpacked all of my belongings into the various drawers in hopes of creating a more home-y atmosphere. Then there was nothing left to do but sit and wait for my roommate.

I meandered around for the next couple hours until at quarter to five my RA Lauren knocked on my door and told us that we were all meeting up in the lobby area. I grabbed my room-key and headed out where I then began to talk to the rest of my dorm-mates. When we were about to leave for orientation my roommate, Carmen, showed up and I excitedly showed her to our room and then we head to orientation. Orientation was monotonous as they droned on with all the rules and regulations we were required to follow. Finally they dismissed us for dinner!

For dinner Carmen and I joined up with some of the other guys in our dorm: Matthew and Ben who were taking Robotics, and Eric who was doing business. Dinner was an outside barbecue and consisted of pulled pork, veggie burgers, watermelon, vegetables, and potato salad. During dinner we made typical get-to-know-each-other small talk. After we cleared our plates, Eric took us from table to table where we introduced ourselves and asked what program everyone was doing. Ultimately, Carmen and I met about seven people also taking the Writing the City Course.

When we had talked to practically everyone on the campus we headed back to the dorm and hung out in Matthew’s room tossing around a football. We then found out that a German student in our dorm, Alex, had never played American football, but was really eager to try it out. Eric rounded up a group of sixteen people or so and we headed down to the GW field where we played a game of two-hand touch. I was the team’s “secret weapon” because although I was the only girl I also could actually catch the football and run. All of the guys were afraid to touch me when I ran so I could easily gain a couple of yards on the play. When it hit quarter to nine the games dispersed and we headed back to Cole Hall. When we reached our room Carmen discovered she had lost her room key- a problem that we did not realize the severity of until later.

We showered, cleaned up, and headed downstairs to our common room where a bunch of the guys were already there hanging out. We played cards and just hangout until our RAs Lauren and Olivia came down to have our dorm talk. They handed out our roommate agreements, which we were to fill out and then went over some general dorm rules. Then, they left us alone to hangout and do what we please. At first we hung around talking about what we could do and then around midnight the crowd dwindled to those of us who would actually be awake for a while. James went upstairs to grab his laptop, which had an HDMI plug, and I logged onto my Plex account so we could watch a movie. After watching the beginning of a bad western comedy we turned on the movie Wanted. It seemed interesting; however, I was too tired so I missed the majority of it. There were about seven of us who lasted- not heading to bed until two in the morning. Although we knew we would be tired the following morning, we also knew that this was all part of the experience and we needed to enjoy it.


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