July 7, 2015: George Washington Immersion

July 7, 2015

This morning we woke up again around seven o’clock and went down to West Hall for another typical breakfast. The food was good and it passed by uneventfully. On the way back to the dorm all of the robotics people hopped on the Vern transportation down the the Foggy Bottom campus. Carmen and I headed back to the dorm to get the rest of our stuff together and then around quarter to nine her, Iowa (Andrew) and I walked over towards Ames for our classes.

Right at nine o’clock we went outside to wait for the Vern so we could go on our first field trip for our first actual assignment that we would have. After getting off the Vern and walking a couple blocks we hopped on the metro and headed over to the National Mall. Ana-Marie, Alex, and another international student that I cannot remember the name of at the moment went over to the World War II Memorial for our ninety minute reflection time. Once we arrived at the front of the memorial we took a picture by the sign and then split up agreeing to reconvene in about a hour. I spent the first thirty minutes walking around taking photographs and then for the last thirty minutes I found a place to sit down, pull out my laptop, and type. While I was meandering through the memorial we saw a group of veterans come in and have a mini ceremony in front of the Pacific Pavilion. By the time half past eleven rolled around I was drenched in sweat and ready to find both water and air conditioning. We traveled back to the meeting place and when everyone was accounted for we hopped back on the metro and headed back to lunch.

Lunch consisted of spaghetti and more delicious caesar salad. I sat with George and Ronaldo again until we had to head back to the classroom at half past one. The next hour and fifteen minutes was spent as a work period for our assignment that we started at the monuments. Taking inspiration from Public Figures we had to write up two spreads that could then be used to create a class book about the National Mall. When our time was up we presented the rough drafts of what we had and then we spent the last thirty minutes talking about our trip and assignment for the following day. Our trip is to an art museum that I’m blanking on the name of (it’s eleven thirty-five right now and I’m trying to remember things I did about eight hours ago). While there we are going to pick a painting that we want to write an ekphrasis about. Once again Mel is going to give us about ninety minutes to sit in front of the painting and just observe both it and its surroundings. To wrap up the class we watched a video about Jacob Lawrence and then wrote a short poem about one of his paintings on Negro Migration. Finally, we were dismissed for the day.

I headed back to Cole Hall and waited in Iowa’s room for the rest of the dorm to get back from the Foggy Bottom campus. Once they came home I informed them that we had about ten minutes until we were going to head down to the pool. Everyone was ready within the ten minute time frame so we walked down to the pool because Tuesdays and Thursdays between four and six o’clock are the only times the pool is open. Once we reached the pool we put our stuff down and I made sure that all of the guys thoroughly sprayed themselves with sunscreen, we jumped into the water. We spent about a hour at the pool just swimming around and talking until it got really crowded and we decided to head back to Cole and shower before going over to dinner.

Dinner was nothing exciting, but we all ate anyways because we were hungry and knew that we were probably going to order pizza later on in the night. After dinner we headed back to the dorm and almost went to CVS, but then changed our minds because we are lazy. Soon it was time for the scavenger hunt to win points for Gryffindor- or should I say Cole Hall- that would go towards the house cup title. The scavenger hunt was intense with half of our team showing up part of the way through the hunt. Ultimately, we were victorious and won 28 points for our hall. We took a victory photo to post to the GW Summer hashtag for the Instagram contest. Once we were all sweaty and disgusting we headed back to Cole Hall and organized buying a pizza. We ended up ordering about five pizzas. While we waited for them to be delivered we wandered around the dorm and Kyle, Matthew, and I got to meet Iowa’s sister. After we discussed pigs, cows, corn, and other Iowa subjects, we went back to the dorm. We all spent the rest of the night watching movies and hanging out down in the common room (see, we are totally Harry Potter). Matthew had an extremely soft blue blanket that I stole out of his room and brought down to use while we lounged on the giant bean back chairs that could comfortably fit three people. Before we knew it, it was our eleven o’clock curfew. I went back to the room, wrote part of my blog, and passed out.


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