July 8, 2015: George Washington Immersion

July 8, 2015

This morning it was more difficult to get out of bed than the previous two days although I went to bed significantly earlier. We headed down for a quick breakfast before going back to the dorm and getting ready for another day of classes. Before we got all the way back to the dorm we said goodbye to all of the Foggy Bottom students who were going to Robotics again. Carmen and I filled up our bags with everything we needed and went to Iowa’s room until it was time to head over to Ames Hall for classes. When we arrived at class we waited for everybody to show up and then we headed out to the bus stop to complete our second field assignment.

We traveled to the Phillips Collection to complete an ekphrastic writing on one of the Jacob Lawrence paintings that were being displayed there. I wandered around throughout the museum with Essi before finally locating the collection we needed. We went to the basement and found a bunch of artwork done by young children. I eventually found a painting that I enjoyed by Jacob Lawrence so I sat and wrote for about forty-five minutes before tiring of writing. For the next twenty minutes Essi, Bri, and I wandered around the gallery. We first went into the gift shop and then left when we received glares from the woman working there because we were playing with the children’s toys. Then we went to a meditational beeswax room that Essi had discovered while wandering around earlier. After we met up with the group again we had a Spotlight Talk/Discussion on one of the other works. When we finally departed the Phillips Collection around half-past twelve I concluded that I did not particularly enjoy or understand modern art.

By the time we reached the Mount Vernon campus and ate our boxed lunches from West Hall we only had a hour and a half left of class for the day. For the first hour we had a quiet work time where we could work on completing our project from the previous day or begin to work on our current one (all projects will be uploaded to my blog eventually). I worked on a mix of the two projects, intending to finish them up the following day in hopes of not becoming too backed up. For the last thirty minutes of class we discussed our assignment for the next day when we would go to Capitol Hill and begin a Landscape piece/video or photo essay. We read a piece called Lake Superior and although it was interesting I was so tired that I was not able to keep my eyes up long enough to really get anything done. Slowly the minutes ticked by until it was finally three-thirty and we were dismissed.

After the Foggy Bottom Robotics kids finally returned from their class we headed down to a College Success program hosted by an Admissions Advisor and current George Washington University students. Since our dorm was late we were forced to walk in and sit all the way in the front row. The talk was a typical talk on admissions and what to look for in a school. Ultimately, it was just different people telling me the same thing that I had been hearing at every college tour and talk since the beginning of Junior year. One those long fifty minutes were over we headed back to the dorm and contemplated what we wanted to do next.

I was able to get a group of about six of us to do my typical fifteen- minute core circuit. The group consisted of Carmen, Matthew, Eli, Kyle, Jayvon, and myself. It was actually really funny watching six people crammed into a dorm room meant for two all doing planks, yoga, and a variety of other core exercises. The guys turned out to not be in as good of shape as they had let on the last few days with Carmen and I complaining less and working harder throughout the duration of the workout. When we finished we decided to just go straight to dinner. As we walked outside the rain picked up and it started pouring so we sprinted to West Hall.

When we got back to Cole Hall, Carmen, Kyle, Ethan, Iowa, and I watched Sherlock. I was the only person out of the group of us who had not previously seen the episode. They were good sports and kept their mouths shut as I tried to figure out how to solve the mystery. At quarter past seven I quickly showered and we headed down to open-mic night. The whole thing was a bust with us showing up thirty minutes late and being there for not even half an hour. When we returned back to the dorm we found Matthew and he joined the rest of us watching Sherlock. We were hanging out in an empty room on the third floor where we basically stayed until our eleven o’clock curfew. Some people came and went, but ultimately we had a good core group of people. By the time Carmen and I got back into our room we were exhausted and quickly fell asleep. With that we had finished yet another great day of the program!


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