July 9th, 2015: George Washington Immersion

July 9th, 2015

Once again we woke up around seven and did our normal morning routine; however, Carmen decided to skip breakfast so I walked down to West Hall with Iowa instead. Breakfast was the usual so I ate quickly and then went back to the dorm to keep working on a couple of my projects before heading over to class. We said good-bye to the Foggy Bottom kids and Iowa helped me download my photographs to my computer because I forgot my cord. Then, I grabbed my notebook and camera and head off to Ames Hall for class.

Today we took a metro out to Capitol Hill to complete a landscape writing assignment/photo or video montage. Carmen and I decided to take advantage of being away from all of the guys and have a mini-girls day walking around together. After going to the Visitor’s Center and admiring the Library of Congress we headed to our ultimate destination- the Folger Shakespeare Library. On the outside of the building was inscriptions of famous people talking about Shakespeare and then engravings of his plays into the side. We walked in and were instantly memorized by the large Elizabethan theater that they re-made. We went down to explore the exhibit they had- Ships, Clocks & Stars- The Quest for Longitude, but then soon returned to the theater. For the last thirty minutes before we had to leave we sat in the balcony of theater and just wrote and took pictures or videos. Finally, we headed back to the Library of Congress where we left as a group to go back to the Foggy Bottom Campus for lunch.

Lunch was pretty good for something that came out of a pre-made box they had for us. I enjoyed a Chicken Caesar Salad wrap along with some chips, cookies, and fruit. Manny, Alex, and I left lunch for about ten minutes to run down to the bookstore and buy George Washington University apparel. I purchased a GW Colonials rowing t-shirt so I looked as if I knew what I was doing when I started the rowing camp there the week following this program. When we got back to the dorm we had a quick fifteen-minute break so we went to visit Iowa and see how his day was going so far. When our break was over we went back to class and had about a hour of work-time where we could work on the many different projects that we had started. For the last half hour we discussed the projects we had been working on in small groups and then read some poems relating to our assignment tomorrow when we went into Georgetown for the day.

When class let out we went back to the dorm and I changed into spandex, a tank top, and sneakers to prepare for my work-out in the gym. When the guys got home from Foggy Bottom I gave them a fifteen minute break until they were supposed to meet me in the lobby to head over. After about twenty minutes they were finally ready. Most of them bailed about half-way through the workout to just “go lift weights”, but Carmen and I stayed until the end finishing out the workout. Since we were completely drenched with sweat from the intense workout we showered before dinner. Dinner was slightly more exciting than usual because we were able to indulge in ice-cream for our dessert. Afterwards, Matthew and I went to the Eckles Library so that I could print out an assignment for class. Once the rain let up the guys and I wandered over to the soccer field where I embraced my inner soccer-mom and cheered them on. When they were all drenched in sweat and finished their game we went back to Cole and hung out. They all took showers and then we met up in the basement to hangout, joke around, and watch movies. When I came back to my room I changed and went to bed- both tasks that I barely remember because of how exhausted I was.


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