July 11th, 2015: George Washington Immersion

July 11th, 2015

This morning we were more ready to wake up because we knew that today we would not have to go to class and would be able to hangout without worrying about any assignment. We still had to wake-up early because we were going to be making the drive into Annapolis for the day. We found out that we had to travel around with our classes in Annapolis which was somewhat disappointing because I was looking forward to being able to spend time hanging out with the guys in my dorm.

There were large charter buses outside waiting for take us on the journey. When we went to load the buses We found out that the Photo-Journalism class would also be on our bus, which meant I would be able to hangout with Andrew. He became my bus buddy and we sat next to each other for the ride, just listening to music and talking. Once we reached our drop-off point in Annapolis we were split into two groups- group A and group B. It ended up that Crime and Justice, Photo-Journalism, AND Robotics were all in Group A along with Writing the City, which meant practically all of Cole Hall was together for the day.

Our first stop of the day was the Maryland State House where we were able to take pictures and spend about thirty minutes wandering around and reading about the history and all of the historical decisions made in its rooms. After that we walked back and forth through downtown Annapolis while our RAs tried to figure out where exactly we were supposed to be going. We ended up going back to where we started in order to receive our boxed lunches. The lunches were better than a lot of the ones that we had been having lately. I had a chicken salad wrap that was actually edible. We ended up sitting the shade up against a wall to eat. After lunch we walked over to the Naval Academy where we went on a tour. I remembered going on the tour before, but I still found it interesting. It was crazy to think that some of the first year students were only a year older than I am. The tour was interesting and informative although I knew I would never be able to attend purely based on the amount of Calculus and Physics that needed to be taken. When we finished the tour our tour guide left us off at the gift shop where I contemplated buying Zack a present, but ultimately I decided against it because I am cheap. After we walked back through the town we began our ride back to the Mount Vernon campus. I sat next to Andrew once again and I fell asleep about ten minutes into the ride and slept almost the entire time.

Once we got back we talked about going to the pool, but we ended up just hanging around because we were all exhausted from a long day of walking around. Andrew and I met Kyle’s parents and said good-bye to him as he went to spend the evening with them. Dinner was bad as usual so we ate quickly and then headed back to the dorm. We wandered around the dorm until we decided to go over to Hensley and find out what was going on. Our entire dorm was hanging out in their basement playing pool while four girls who lived there complained about us being there. Finally, the girls left and it was literally all Cole people hanging in a dorm that was not our own. We jumped around our their furniture pretending the floor was lava until we decided the whole thing was getting a bit strange. Then Andrew, Matthew, and I headed over to Clarke where Essi let us in. The four of us and Essi’s roommate Ava-Maria (who I also knew from Writing class) watched the majority of Mulan. When we had three minutes to curfew we wandered back up the hill to our own dorm. For the rest of the night we hung around with the rest of our dorm and began to watch the Dark Knight. When it was twelve we headed back to our rooms for room-check. I showered and then passed out from another long day.


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