July 10th, 2015: George Washington Immersion

July 10th, 2015

Waking up at seven o’clock was not something we could physically or mentally do today so we ended up sleeping in until almost eight o’clock before finally rolling out of bed and getting ready for our trip to Georgetown. We showed up to class a couple of minutes late and the rest of the class was already walking out towards the bus stop to prepare for our trip for the day. Our assignment was to go into Georgetown and walk around M-Street looking for inspiration. Once we walked there we walked to Rose Park and then divided up into smaller groups to walk around.

I walked around with Carmen and Taha, one of the international students that was here for the program. We ended up getting lost while trying to find our way to a cupcake and coffee shop called Baked and Wired. After walking in a round-about route we made it and I was able to indulge in a nice iced, chai latte. I also purchased a coconut cupcake that I planned on saving for later in the week. We then took our belongings and went to sit on a bench along a canal and write for about five minutes. When it was almost eleven o’clock we went to a near-by bookstore that was owned by one of Mel’s friends. I ended up purchasing three books, but luckily because Mel knew the owner we all received a 10% friends discount that was much appreciated.

Today we actually made it back to the Mount Vernon campus for lunch where we were able to eat with the rest of the Pre-College students that were around on the campus. Lunch was not very good, but I was hungry so it was not too disappointing. When we returned back to class we had about a hour and a half of free-time to work on our many on-going projects and begin trying to finish things up. When that was over we discussed our Public Figures-inspired book that we were putting together. Once most of the logistics to that were sorted out we had group time to edit and talk to one another about the various projects that we had been working on over the last week. At three we were dismissed for the day and for the weekend, which was an exciting feat.

When the guys got back from the Foggy Bottom campus I found out that Eli had picked up a burrito bowl from Chipotle at his lunch today, which was very exciting. I ate a little of it and then put the rest in my refrigerator. Around the time that the guys got back I found out it was Bernardo’s sixteenth birthday, so we convinced Lauren (one of our RAs) to walk to Safe-way so we could pick up cupcakes and some other things that we had been needing. Once we got back we hung around until dinner.

For the rest of the evening Andrew (Iowa), Matthew, Carmen, Kyle, and I hung out in the empty room next to Kyle’s on the third floor. The high-lights of the evening were Andrew’s dancing and a slightly-amusing comedy show that we were practically forced into going to watch. The program had hired improve comedians to come and put on a show that would be hilarious to a bunch of middle-schoolers, but only somewhat entertaining to a bunch of tired teenagers. Once we got out of that we just hung around in Kyle’s room until our twelve o’clock curfew after which I showered, video chatted with some friends from home, and then went to bed around one o’clock or so.


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