July 12th, 2015: George Washington Immersion

July 12th, 2015

Today waking up was exciting because it was the day of the event that we had been anticipating since sign-ups opened up on Tuesday- we were going to the zoo. We found out that there would be buses departing for the zoo every fifteen minutes starting at half-past nine and going until ten-thirty or eleven or so. A group of Cole kids went down to the Vex around nine-thirty, but were told we would not be able to get onto a bus until at least nine forty-five. We sat and waited while our RA for the day took down our names and phone numbers because she would be responsible for us while we were at the zoo. After waiting for what seemed like forever we boarded the Vex and began the trip to the zoo. We had to take two different metros in order to get there, but it was worth it because when we got off our stop there was a Dunkin Donuts across the street so I was able to get my first Dunkin coffee since I got here.

Once we reached the zoo our RA told us that we would have to meet at the Panda Cafe every hour or so, but otherwise we were welcome to go off in as big or as small of a group as we would like to wander around. We started off we a really large group traveling down the Asian Trail, but soon we broke off into two smaller groups. Our group ended up being Carmen, Brandon, Andrew, Kyle, Matthew, and me. The first destination as a smaller group was the small mammal house because the elephant house was closed and most of the outdoor animals were not there. We wandered around and then went to the Panda Cafe to meet up with James who was just arriving. While Carmen went to go find a table so we could eat our chicken tenders I went into the bookstore to find the guys. When I went in James told me they were all getting animal masks and I needed to buy one. I ended up buying a zebra and James, Matthew, Eli, and Brandon also bought masks. We wore them around the zoo and scared little children. Before we knew it we had spent three hours at the zoo and it was time to go home. On the way home we had some excitement when we left our RA and Kendrick on the metro. We waited for them to go up a stop and turn around and come back. Finally, they made it and we carefully made it the rest of the way home.

When we got back to Cole Hall Kyle, Matthew, Andrew, and I hung out upstairs in Kyle’s room even though we were all half asleep. Then Matthew and I wandered down to my room on the first floor to watch Finding Nemo with Carmen. Carmen fell asleep about fifteen minutes in, but we kept watching until it was dinner-time. Andrew and Brandon both came in for a little while and when Matthew and I left for dinner Brandon was still there. After another “lovely” dinner Matthew and I went up to the third floor and finished the movie, then we just sat around and talked. The guys were all out at the fields so we wandered down there for a little and I watched them play. When soccer was over I found Kyle and we went and sat in West Hall and just talked about going home and other things for about a hour. At ten o’clock we headed back to the dorm for a dorm meeting. The meeting was just going over what classified an incident report and what procedural information we needed to know for departing the campus on Friday. When the meeting was over Kyle and I hung out in his room until our eleven o’clock curfew.

Once back in my room Carmen and I decided to have a much needed girls night. We ate cupcakes and watched the Bachelorette until I fell asleep when Carmen went to shower. The entire day was a great way to end the weekend!


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