Thoughts From a U Street Cafè: George Washington University

Inspired by man at Ben’s Chili Bowl, Busboys and Poets cafe, and Politics and Prose bookstore.
Our experiences make us who we are today- where you go, who you interact with. Every person has their own story that contributes to the person they have become. Even the most miniscule events can have the greatest impact. Ultimately, the little moments in life will be what stays with you and what you remember the most. Those moments when you are on U Street in Washington D.C. sitting in a book-store cafe, sipping a Chai Latte and writing. You did not know the people sitting beside you a week ago, but now you cannot imagine not having them in your life. You sit in a place where inspiration and history surrounds you. The words flow. You feel content. Others rush around you trying to get from one place to another, but you just sit in peace and quiet. You are not alone. People like you fill up the cafe. You form a community of introverts, of artists. To be together, yet alone, is a rare experience that should be held on to and cherished. These are the moments you live for. You observe. You almost feel as though you are outside of what is happening around you. The words you put down on the page are nothing compared to the actual experience, but you try because everyone deserves to feel this bliss. You reach for a bag of books you have purchased and begin to flip through. “This must be what it is like to be a struggling, broke, writer.” As that thought crosses your mind you begin to envision the greats sitting there in their own cafes, just putting pencil to paper. One day you could become one of the greats, but the only way to know for sure is by starting and embracing the places life takes you.


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