July 13th, 2015: George Washington Immersion

July 13, 2015

This morning I woke up, got ready, and went down to breakfast with Kyle. There were not many people there because everyone was exhausted, but since the Robotics guys had to leave pretty early in the morning I wanted to go to breakfast with them. After breakfast I headed back to the room, wrote, and relaxed until it was time to head over for another day of class. Today we were traveling to U Street. We boarded the Vex down to the Foggy Bottom stop, walked to the metro, and then took two different metro lines until we reached U Street.

Our first destination was a bookstore/cafe called Busboys and Poets. It was one of the most exciting, yet calming places I had ever been. We wandered around the bookstore called Politics and Prose, then walked back through the cafe past all of the tables with people talking, writing, and drinking coffee. In the back of the cafe was an area that had a stage where they would host various poetry readings and other events. Different artwork covered the walls, leaving something new to look at every time I glanced around. All too soon it was time to leave and head to Ben’s Chili Bowl before the lunch crowds got there.

Ben’s Chili Bowl was a cute little place that you can tell had been on U Street for a long time and was not going anyplace any time soon. I had a delicious salad chili bowl that topped any meal they had served in the dining hall thus far along with a extremely yummy vanilla milkshake. While we indulged in our meal one of the guys who worked at the place came to talk to us about the history of both the establishment and his life. He talked about how Ben’s Chili Bowl was the only restaurant to stay open during the raids following MLK Jr.’s death and how it dealt with the Cocaine riots that occurred. The restaurant was always the one constant in the town and the one place that the people could depend on to stay uncorrupted. The man also told the story of his own life and how no matter he took every experience as it came and he never let anybody else put him down. The whole thing was very inspiring and not at all boring; however, there were other places to see, go, and learn from.

Before we left, Carmen, Essi, Bri, Ana-Maria, and I had an interesting experience in the bathroom. In the bathroom they had chalk and names of different people who had come and eaten at the restaurant. We decided to put our names up, but we wanted them to be someplace that we would remember. In order to do that I climbed on top of the toilet and reached up into the top right hand corner of the stall and wrote “Jenna #onlyatgwsummer 7/13/15”. Once we finally exited the bathroom we walked back to Busboys and Poets. I bought another three books and then we got a table and ordered hot drinks to sip on while we wrote. It was very inspirational and calming. Before we knew it, it was almost two o’clock and we had to go meet back up with Mel and the rest of the group. We took the long metro and bus rides back to the Mount Vernon Campus. When we got back we only had about thirty minutes of class left, so we used it to discuss our Public Figures book and work on other various projects.

We got back to the dorm a couple of minutes after three o’clock and then just hung around for a couple hours until around five. At five o’clock I found Lauren and she told me to get a group of people together to walk down to CVS. I hung out with Andrew on both the way down and the way back. When we got back it was practically time for dinner so we went down to the dining hall where I barely ate anything. After dinner we hung out and watched Sherlock until Alex recruited a bunch of the guys to go and play soccer with him. When the soccer game ended we watched more of Sherlock until it was our curfew. After curfew Carmen and I hung out and watched some more of The Bachelorette until we went to sleep.


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