July 15th, 2015: George Washington Summer Immersion

July 15th, 2015

We had reached the point in the week where we knew it was almost time to go home, but we did not want to think about it yet. I head down to breakfast with Kyle even though every morning it became later and later. That day during class we went to the American Indian Museum. I walked around with George for the majority of the time, just wandering around looking at exhibits. We watched an interesting video that I almost fell asleep during because it was a dark room. After the movie and a couple of exhibits I lost George, but found Essi. We wandered around until we saw George and Reinaldo and made them go down to the gift shop with us. The gift shop was as entertaining as always for Essi and I; however, this time we actually made purchases so they could not kick us out. We bought matching dream catchers and I also bought coffee imported from Ecuador.

Once we finished paying we headed down to the café to buy some much needed coffee. We found some hazelnut, turtle, chocolate latte or something like that. It was delicious. We sat around chatting until it was time for us to meet up and head to lunch. For lunch I had two chicken tacos that were really good, especially compared to the typical cafeteria food. After lunch we left the museum and when we got back to Mount Vernon and finished our fifteen minute break we had a really long studio time to begin to finish up various pieces.

It was a Wednesday which meant we were supposed to have College Success, but Essi and I decided that we were not going to go and we would not let them make us. Originally, her, Andrew, and I were upstairs hiding in the extra room on the third floor, but soon we heard RAs coming around knocking on doors making people go. Essi and I ran for the closet while Andrew cut through the bathroom and came out Kyle’s room claiming to be looking for Chinese food. That got the RAs to leave the third floor; however, Essi and I were so terrified of being caught that we hid in the closet for another hour just talking. Once Andrew came up to inform us that the coast was clear we hung out for a little and then head down to dinner.

After dinner we got ready to go into Georgetown- our field trip for the evening. Out of our entire dorm only Carmen, Andrew, Matthew, Kyle, and myself signed up. We got on the bus and took it down to the Foggy Bottom stop where we then walked the rest of the way. When we got there they told us we had a hour to do whatever we wanted. Since we did not want to spend too much money, we walked along the canal and then turned and walked down to the water with Andrew taking pictures of us the whole way. It was a nice relaxing evening to hang out with friends as our week began to come to a close. On the way back I got caramel gelato from a place by the water and the guys bought ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s because that was our check-in place for the evening. By the time we got back to the dorm it was almost ten o’clock, so we just watched some TV on my laptop and then called it a night.


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