July 16th, 2015: George Washington Summer Immersion

July 16th, 2015

I once again walked down to breakfast with Kyle, but this time it was a little bit different because I had to bring my laptop to work on editing a poem with Essi. Essi and I volunteered to edit together the ranga that we were going to read that night at our closing-night ceremony. It was a challenge to make the writings of fourteen different writers sound cohesive, but we managed to have it finished before the conclusion of breakfast. When we got to class we headed over to the Vex to then go and catch a bus over to the National Cathedral- our final field trip of the two weeks.

When we reached the outside of the cathedral it was so beautiful that we decided to take pictures. I got a picture with all fourteen people in my class, so that I would remember every single one of them. Once we got pictures in every combination of people possible Mel informed us that if we wanted to go inside of the Cathedral we would have to pay six dollars, but if not we could just walk around the outside, go into the garden, and grab a snack at the café. Since at this point in the trip we were all broke from buying too many books, we opted to just wander the garden and cherish our last twenty-four hours together. We designated George our official photographer and made him take a wide variety of pictures of all of the girls. It was an easy morning where we could just reflect on our time and on the friendships that we made throughout the trip. When we were tired of posing for pictures we wandered out of the garden and over to the cute little café. Essi and I ordered Chai lattes, chips with spinach dip, and bruschetta. After we found a table and put our number down we noticed that there was a bunch of children’s board games stacked up to the left of us, so we grabbed Connect 4 and started a game, which I won. Then our delicious food arrived so we indulged in that opposed to waiting back to get back to the Mount Vernon campus to eat. All too soon it was time to leave.

During lunch time I went and hung out with Andrew because the Photojournalism class was also on campus. When lunch finished up and we got back into the classroom we had our last studio time to put any finishing touches on the pieces that we wanted to post to the blog. Around two- fifteen Essi and I gathered everyone back around our table so we could line up and rehearse the poem for that night. After we ran through it two or three times we sat back down at the table and spent the rest of the time editing each others blog posts before our blog went public that night. Before dinner we all just hung around and started to pack up our things taking in the fact that this was our last night together.

Soon it was time to go to our last dinner. After dinner we quickly hurried back to the dorm to get dressed up for our last night ceremony. I borrowed a long, white, maxi skirt from Carmen that was actually long enough to be high-waisted and reach down to my feet. I paired the skirt with a black crop top. When we went down to the room where we were having the ceremony we had time to wander around and look at the various artworks the art class created. Eventually, they let us into the theater area where we had comedy night the previous week. They ushered us to sit with our classes. The ceremony went by quickly as the photojournalism class presented their pictures. When they finished we read our poem as Cole Hall cheered me on from the back row. Next they talked a little bit and read our names so that we could come up and receive our certificates of completion. Finally, it was over and we could all hangout and just have fun on our last night.

On the way back up to the dorm we took pictures all dressed up with the sun setting behind West Hall behind us. Once inside the dorm we took even more photos with the people who missed out previously. Then we all just hung out. Essi, Bri, Ana-Maria, George, and Reinaldo came over and sat with us for a little while until their curfew at ten. Then I spent time hanging out with Kyle then Andrew one-on-one since they were probably two of the people I got the closest to during the duration of the two weeks. After we were all sent to our rooms at eleven we waited until we thought the coast was clear and then began to figure out what to do next.

Everyone wanted to come down to our room, but because we were right across the hall from Lauren I did not want too many people in our room. I texted Brandon and James and let them know that they could come down again since things went pretty well the previous night. When they walked into our room I was dancing around singing Disney songs and attempting to pack. We spent the next couple hours just hanging out, listening music, and talking. Eventually, Brandon fell asleep on our bed and refused to move. He was on Carmen’s side of the bed and she was also asleep so it was not a big deal. I walked over to the soap room to let James out and when I came back Brandon was sprawled out across my bed and I could not move him. I ended up going up to James’ room and we waited for Alex to come back. When Alex got back James went to sleep in Ethan’s room since Ben had already left earlier that day. I slept in James bed and Alex slept in his own bed. I tried to get a couple hours of sleep around three-thirty that morning. 


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