July 17th, 2015: George Washington Summer Immersion

July 17th, 2015

This morning was our last breakfast together. Kyle and I were walking down together and Andrew ran to catch up to us. It was strange to think that in less than four hours we would all be on our ways back to wherever we came from and we probably would not all be in the same place ever again. After the Robotics people left for class I went to Andrew’s room until it was time for Carmen and I to walk over to Ames Hall for the last time.

When we got to class we started by reading and then writing our own “I remember…” pieces. After each person read their piece we all had three minutes to present one of our pieces to the class and get feedback. I read my piece that I wrote while on U-Street at Busboys and Poets. When we all finished Mel started to cry and we went to put together a booklet of writings that we all wrote. The next fifteen minutes were a blur of hugs and tears as we all said good-bye and exchanged contact information if we had not already done so.

All too soon it was time to head back to the dorm and say our final good-byes to Cole Hall. I first had to say good-bye to Matthew. Then Kyle and Andrew, but I knew that I would see the two of them the next morning when we went out to breakfast. Essi came over to say good-bye and even though I would see her in less than twenty-four hours, when I pulled away from her she had tears streaked down her face. Ana-Maria came up to me and told me that she had a present for me from Bulgaria- it was a little painted magnet. We hugged without letting go because we knew that the chances of us seeing each other again were slim to none. Her and Essi then pulled away. Next I walked James and Alex over to the bus so that they could go down to the Foggy Bottom stop and then part ways. Finally, right before Carmen’s mom showed up, I ran back over to Somers Hall and gave George one last hug. Then Carmen and I waved good-bye to our home of the last two weeks and pulled away in her parents car.


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