Boots and Books in the City

This morning was another disaster as far as waking up went, considering when I woke up to see how much time I had until my alarm went off I realized that I had fifteen minutes… until class started. I rushed out of bed and somehow got ready to go in a mere ten minutes before walking over to class. Today our professor gave us our first lecture for our Music and Movie Soundtrack class that basically went over the fundamental aspects of drama and basic music theory (despite not being a music major, I felt well prepared thanks to my senior year music theory course).

After class I headed to paradise. Well, paradise in the form of a six floor bookstore that is a chain here in London- Foley’s. The fifth floor of the bookstore was dedicated to being a café for people to come, grab a bite to eat or a drink, and read or get work done. I stayed there and worked on Photos in an English Park and then headed back to the hotel because I had been feeling a bit sick recently.

I spent a couple of hours just laying down in the room, not sleeping, but not doing much either. I hated just sitting around doing nothing when there was a whole city out there for me to explore, but I also had not slept well the night before and knew I needed to try to get some rest before going to see Kinky Boots later that evening.

Around 3:00 PM I forced myself to get outside of the room and try to get something to eat before the show. I ended up in Chinatown at a place called Beijing Dumplings that my professor had recommended checking out. I ordered pork and vegetable dumpling soup along with hot tea. It was extremely delicious, despite my chop stick skills not being up to par and me being to shy to ask for a fork and spoon. When I finished and it was only 4:00 PM I realized that I had overestimated the amount of time it was going to take me to walk to the part of town I needed to be in for the show.

In hopes of killing three hours I went to a coffee, sandwich place that’s also a chain in the city called Pret A Manger. They did not have any chai so instead I got a vanilla latte, a smart move considering I needed to stay awake through the show later. I sat there until about quarter until six, reading A Brave New World. I told myself I would not go into any bookshops (Foley’s didn’t count because it was more Barnes and Noble-esque, so too overwhelming and therefore less tempting) until I finished reading this book considering I have little self-control when it comes to buying books.

I suddenly realized that I had to use the restroom, but there was not any in Pret A Manger, so I packed up my stuff and switched to another chain coffee place called Café Nero. The guy working the counter asked me where I was from, said he was jealous I was able to travel, and told me how he had either been to, or knows a lot about Boston- a U.S. city I have yet to go to. After purchasing my chai tea I realized that there was no bathroom here either, but I was committed to my chai so I held it in, sat down, and kept reading.

Around quarter to seven I went over to the Adelphi Theater to collect my tickets and find my seat for the show- well, after going to the bathroom of course! My seats were in the upper circle, row L, seat 16. Despite being up in the nose bleed section, I could see the entire stage clearly. The woman next to me asked me where I was from and we talked until the lights dimmed about the U.S., what I was studying, and the show. Kinky Boots was amazing and I really enjoyed the music, dancing, costumes, and just the entire thing! I’ll be posting later on my thoughts about it, but I can say now that I am definitely am happy I went! Following the show it was around 10:00 PM, so I quickly walked the half mile back to the hotel and then showered and FaceTimed Peter before bed.


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