The Monk, the Witch, and the Queen

I overslept… again. This time I was just grateful I woke up at all. We were going on a tour of Westminster Abbey today and were supposed to meet our professor in the lobby at 9:15 AM. Well, at 9:15 AM my roommate came upstairs from breakfast to find me still happily dreaming away in bed. I freaked out when I realized how much I had overslept and told her that if they needed to go I could just meet the group there. I was ready and downstairs by 9:25 AM though and the group was still there. We took the tube to the abbey and when we got there we waited outside for our professor to give us our tickets.

Our tour was one of those on your own tours where they give you the little phone-like machines that you press the button that it says on the sign in front of you and it talks to you when you hold it up to your ear. I like those tours because you can really take your time looking at the things that interest you. The abbey was amazing. My favorite part of the tour was probably at the end where that had an area called “Poet’s Corner” and in that area there were memorials to dead authors such as Charles Dickens, Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Brontë, and William Shakespeare. The organ was also amazing and I hope to go back while I am here to one of their 5:00 PM evening songs or a Sunday organ concert. I probably spent the most time in the abbey out of my group.

After leaving I walked through a little grass area that had statues dedicated to figures such as Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill. There was a great view of Big Ben and the British parliament from there. I then headed towards Parliament and ended up stumbling upon a coffee place called Ravello where I got a bacon and cheese croissant thing and a vanilla chai. As I sat there finishing my chai, I was reading and ended up finishing my book, Brave New World. This meant that I could then start The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime, and then when I finished that I could buy another one (probably going to need another bag to bring all of Harry Potter merchandise and books home). When I finished I found another little park called St. John’s Gardens before continuing towards Birmingham Palace.

While following my GPS I stumbled upon a bunch of tents selling a variety of foods and goods set up down a side street so I took a quick detour and walked through there. When I reached Birmingham Palace I took a picture and then continued on through the area into one of the Royal Parks- The Green Park. I walked around the park for probably thirty minutes to a hour trying to figure out whether I wanted to stay in the area until going to see Wicked that night, or just go back to the hotel. Considering it was only 2:00 PM and my show was not until 7:30 PM, I decided to head back and take the bus so I would have time to read.

I had a slight adventure heading back to the hotel. First, I got distracted while crossing the street and headed into another little park area that housed memorials to Australia and New Zealand for helping England during World War II. I then struggled to figure out how to get to the other side of the road because I did not realize that all the crossings were actually through underground tunnels. Once I figured that out I was able to catch a bus back.

At the hotel I did some organizing and homework then finished doing the rest of my lighter colored laundry items. It all went pretty well. I was tired and did not feel like going out and finding someplace I could sit and eat dinner, so I decided to just order room service. I ordered some sort of broccoli and cheese pot-pie type thing that was probably pretty unhealthy, but I convinced myself otherwise considering there was broccoli.

Around 6:30 PM I headed back out towards where I was earlier in the day because that’s where the theater was for Wicked. I had only bought the tickets the night before, but was still looking forward to seeing the show. When I got there I went to the wrong entrance and had to go onto the other side to reach the box office. I probably had the best seats of all my shows yet as I was in the middle of the circle and had an unobstructed view.

When I reached the hotel again after the show I showered and did a little bit more of my homework before just giving up for the night and resolving to finish it in the morning. I probably stayed up talking to Peter slightly lately than I should have, but I was still able to get a decent amount of sleep- hopefully enough to not oversleep again the following morning.


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