The World of West End: Wicked

Wicked is such an enjoyable show to watch as it appeals to the child inside of each of us through its Wizard of Oz connection while simultaneously providing a more complicated story-line with deeper meanings. I had the privilege to see Wicked on Broadway with my girl scout troop back in intermediate school and I was looking forward to seeing the show again and being able to compare the West End rendition to the Broadway showing. Honestly, I enjoyed Broadway more, but the show was still amazing.

I had great seats in row L (I think!) of the circle. There was no seats in front of me so I had plenty of leg room and a great view where I could still see all of the singers and dancers faces pretty clearly. The only downside was there was a little bit of the front right hand extension off the stage that I could not see while sitting normally, but by leaning forwards a little bit I was fine.

Suzie Mathers played Glinda the Good and although I did not know how I felt about her during the first song, she pleasantly surprised me and I really enjoyed both her singing and acting. Rachel Tucker, who played Elphaba, was absolutely amazing. Her solos were absolutely breath-taking. Because she is an alto at times it was difficult to hear her over Suzie Mathers’s soprano voice in some of the duets. Beyond that though they both did great.

That being said, let me now get to why I did not love the show as much as when I saw it on Broadway. I think it has to do with the different liberties they took with some of the music. I am accustomed to and thoroughly enjoy the Broadway soundtrack and some of the vocal things Mathers and Tucker did threw me off and I didn’t love it. That’s probably just because it was different though.

Because I saw this show I know I have been changed for good.


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