He Can Move the Mountains

This morning we had planned on walking out the door by 9:30 AM to get over to Arthur’s Seat, but that did not exactly happen the way we had originally planned. We ended up waking up around 9:30 AM and then by the time we got ready it was about 10:15 AM. We went downstairs to see what the hostel’s breakfast included, but decided to go and find a cafe instead. We went to a couple different places before finally being satisfied at a place called Brunch. I ordered pancakes with mixed berries and bacon that was delicious, especially with my Gingerbread Latte accompanying it.

When we finished breakfast we walked over to Arthur’s Seat. It was a really cool place to hike because there were so many different peaks to climb up to and so many different trails that varied in difficulty. The sites were absolutely breath-taking and it was an absolutely amazing experience and definitely what I needed after having been cooped up in the city for the last two weeks. The entirety of the hike was marked by stopping to just take in God’s creation and take hundreds of pictures to capture the moment.

My favorite moment was when we reached one of the emptier peaks. Kaylee, Ariel, and I sat down at the top on some rocks and just sat there taking it all in. We then played four or five different worship songs and just worshipped the Lord in such a beautiful place. We talked about how beautiful this area was and how crazy it was that heaven could be even beyond this. It was a calming, peaceful moment that we could escape the little stresses of life and focus on the most important person- God.

After sitting up there for probably close to thirty minutes, we hiked up to Arthur’s Seat peak that was beautiful, but a little too covered in tourists. Part of the great part of reaching the top of a mountain is the quiet-ness that comes with it. When I was in Alaska whenever we reached the top of a mountain Josh would make us just sit there in silence for a couple minutes to take it all in- these people needed that.

On our way down we encountered a couple of very slippery places that resulted in us falling. No one got hurt though and we continued trekking down until Ariel realized that she lost her phone. We did our best to retrace our steps, but we weren’t successful. We knew we had no option but to ask the people hiking up to keep an eye open for it and then just pray that the phone fell into the correct hands. When we reached the bottom we took the “scenic route” back to the hostel (and by that I mean we kind of got lost). I parted with Ariel and Kaylee when our hostel was in site and ended up at Miss MacIntyre’s Cafe where I got a chai latte and wrote for a while. When I was there I found out that God had come through once again and had already returned Ariel’s phone to her.

After I finished my blogging time I went back to the hostel and the three of us got ready to go out to dinner. We went to this restaurant called Yeni in Edinburgh that Kaylee and Ariel had gone to the night before and hadn’t stopped raving about since then. We split a bottle of wine and then ordered seven dishes for the table to share. I can’t tell you what I ate, but I can tell you that it was absolutely delicious.

Once we finished dinner and rolled out of the restaurant we went back to the hotel to charge our phones and I got changed before going out. We first went to a bar where they were having a 10 Year Taylor Swift Celebration. I don’t know what we were thinking because when we went inside we were greeted with bad renditions of Taylor Swift songs and hordes of fourteen year-olds acommpanied by their mothers.

We soon left and headed to another bar that was literally all old people. The third bar wasn’t great either as it was some punk bar and although the crowd was younger, it definitely wasn’t our scene. We gave up and were heading back to the hostel when we decided to try one more bar- Bb. We entered in to a casual looking bar with great live music and a relaxed environment. We stayed here for a while and then when my friends went around the corner to yet ANOTHER bar, I opted to go back to the hostel.

When I got back to the hostel I went down to the hang out area and ended up actually playing a game of chess with this guy Stephen at around 1:00 AM. After we gave-up on the chess game him and I talked to another guy named Anthony who was from Australia. Stephen went to bed, but Anthony and I ended up staying up talking until after 2:30 AM. I finally went upstairs and crawled into my bed- vowing to wakeup early the next morning to pack.


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