Back to London (NOT By Choice)

Waking up this morning was definitely bitter-sweet because on one hand I was waking up in the wonderful city of Edinburgh, but on the other I would soon have to leave. When I woke up around 9:00 AM I hopped out of bed and tried to pack my stuff in the dark. I think I successfully packed everything and I did quadruple check my locker and bunk. When I had finished packing all of my stuff, I went downstairs and handed in my key before putting my stuff by the fire place and heading out with Kaylee and Ariel to breakfast.

We ended up just going directly across the street to a place called the Edinburgh Larder Cafe. The place was packed. It was a tiny establishment, but they were so busy that the owner had to keep turning people away at the door because they just did not have the space and the wait would have been too long for a breakfast place. I ordered eggs, toast, and sausage with some Scottish Breakfast Tea. It was a much needed breakfast, especially after being up so late the night before.

After breakfast we headed around the corner to Carrubbers Christian Center where we would be attending church. The speaker was standing out front, shaking hands with everyone who entered. He was actually an American and had attended Stevens Institute of Technology so we bonded over both having a connection to New Jersey. This was the second of two of their Sunday services and based on the crowd, the later service was geared towards the college students who were in the area. The sermon was very thought-provoking as we examined the first two verses of Colossians chapter one and looked at what it meant to be a saint. It added a different perspective on a word that I had heard repeated over and over again throughout Catholic religion classes in high school.

When church was over I split off from Kaylee and Ariel and headed to Mrs. McIntyre’s- the coffee place I went to the day before- to grab a chai latte before heading back to sit at the hostel. On my way back I picked up an over-sized, maroon-colored, Edinburgh sweatshirt that was on sale for twenty pounds. It was a great purchase. Back at the hostel I just sat in the main lobby area with my laptop doing some blogging, planning, and quite a bit of procrastinating until about 3:30 PM when it was time for me to head to the train station.

After the short walk to the train station I had some time to kill. I first went to the ATM to get out cash for the up-coming week, then went to Burger King because I knew I probably wouldn’t eat much the rest of the day, and because I had to use the toilets, but did not have the thirty pence that it cost. After eating my chicken tenders I checked the boards again and found out that my train would be arriving on track one. I went to the toilet and then headed down to the track.

The train ride was relatively uneventful. I blogged a little bit more and then FaceTimed into a meeting about my Mexico missions trip this summer and then spent the rest of the trip talking to Peter since we hadn’t had great wifi while I was at the hostel. I arrived into King’s Cross Station around 9:00 PM and then was back at the hotel by 9:15 PM after taking a quick bus ride. I had planned on going to sleep early, but ended up staying up until 1:15 AM feeling exhausted and defeated after the Dallas Cowboys game.


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