Art Work at the Barricades

This was another morning that I was somehow able to get up on time. I feel like whenever I get a less than sufficient amount of sleep I am then able to wake-up fine the following morning. It’s a vicious cycle. I once again was able to make it downstairs for breakfast now that I learned I really do not need that much time to eat and get to class. During class we focused more on the Film Score section and went over key composers in Romance Films after talking about our long weekends. We ended about thirty minutes early, which I was grateful for because that gave me time to organize.

I got back to the room and took some time to sort through my belongings and start unpacking although I didn’t quite finish everything. I began to make a pile of stuff that I didn’t actually need to bring with me because I think I’m going to have my aunt bring a duffle bag full of my stuff home after they come to visit next week. This will make it a lot easier for me to get everything home and not have to carry an extra bag or pay because my checked luggage is too heavy. Around 12:00 PM I left my hotel room to go to another cafe.

I went to TY Seven Dials located in Seven Dials (crazy, I know). I ordered a broccoli and cheese quiche and a chai latte (I’m probably one of the most predictable people ever when it comes to cafes) and headed downstairs in hopes of finding an empty table. While downstairs I went through my normal routine of blogging and then also applied for a job at Barnes and Noble and started trying to catch up on my notes in my bible study notebook. My horrible excuse for not doing my daily devotion has been that I have notes on my phone that haven’t been transferred and I don’t want to go out of chronological order. Knowing that that is an awful excuse I decided to eliminate it by starting to transfer everything.

A little after 2:00 PM I left TY Seven Dials and made my way towards the National Gallery. On my way over I received a phone call from a woman from the YMCA in the Newark area saying they received my application for before/after-care. She told me more about the position and then asked me if I would be able to come in for an informal interview. When I told her I was actually studying in London she freaked out and apologized for bothering me. I told her there was nothing to worry about and that I would most definitely call her once I was back in Delaware.

The National Gallery was incredibly interesting, but I only made it through about eight rooms before losing my concentration. I am the type of person who needs to stand in front of and read the blurb for every single painting, so although I was there for an hour I did not  get very far. Since the gallery is free to enter I did not feel bad leaving, knowing I could go back at any point if I so desired.

I got back to the room and had a couple of hours to kill before going to dinner and to see Les Miserables and to be honest, at this point I can’t even tell you what I did. That being said, it probably means I did not accomplish much of anything, but that’s okay.

I left for dinner around 6:00 PM with every intention of going to a burger place called Byron, but when I got close I was walking down a side street and got distracted by another burger place that was common in London called Honest Burgers. It wasn’t until after I had sat down and ordered that I realized I wasn’t at the place I had planned on going. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and a cider. The burger wasn’t the best thing I had ever tasted, but the onion rings were really good, so it was still a good dinner.

The show was as good as I expected it to be and you can read more about that in The World of West End: Les Miserables. When I returned to the hotel I showered and was going to talk to Peter, but after about ten minutes on FaceTime I fell asleep, whoops! I guess I needed the sleep!


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