The World of West End: Les Miserables

Les Miserables is probably one of my all-time favorite shows no matter where it is performed. This probably is partially because I was in the orchestra pit for the show my junior year of high school, but still.

The orchestra was absolutely amazing although some of the part distributions were different than the high school production of it. I was sad to hear that my clarinet solo was actually switched to be played on the violin. Despite that change, the music was absolutely amazing and I feel like I noticed it more than other shows considering I was used to the music.I couldn’t help but mouth along to the majority of the show- excluding the portions of the show that I played because I never really fully learned those parts. Eponine, Cozette, Marius, Jean Valjean, and Javier all gave my goosebumps at various parts throughout the show.

The story itself is just really amazing and I think one of the things I like the most about the show is that you always get something out of it no matter how many times you have seen it performed. I’ve been in four orchestra pits and I think Les Mis was my favorite for that reason. After seeing the show on Broadway, on West End, and in countless rehearsals, I feel like I still don’t fully understand the entire story or there is something new I could still take away.

I forgot how long the show was though until I exited the theater around 10:30 PM and still had to make my way back to the hotel and go to sleep for class the following morning. All in all, it was most definitely worth it and I am so happy I had the opportunity to see the show again by yet another wonderful cast and orchestra.


2 thoughts on “The World of West End: Les Miserables

  1. […] show was as good as I expected it to be and you can read more about that in The World of West End: Les Miserables. When I returned to the hotel I showered and was going to talk to Peter, but after about ten […]

  2. Les Mis is quite an unique and special musical. It is one of the most meaningful musicals of my life. I saw the stage show four times in all and that is three times at a community college and once in the West End. Now in December, it is coming back to my hometown and hope to see it a 5th time. I am always asked why I am still not tired of it.

    It is such a complex musical that it is easy to keep on learning something new each and every time. It is so heartbreaking, but ultimately inspirational. Its emotional impact is why I am still not tired of Les Mis. I feel like I am still trying to get to know Les Mis even though I already know what happens from start to finish

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