The World of West End: The Phantom of the Opera

This is another show that I have had the opportunity to see on both West End and Broadway. I had originally not prepared to see this show during my time here, but then my friends Ariel and Kaylee wanted to meet-up and see the show because they leaved the following morning. Ultimately, it was a great decision, but it was not my favorite.

I really liked Phantom of the Opera, but I feel as though I still don’t entirely get what it is about. I mean don’t get me wrong, I understand the main plot of the Phantom wanting to keep Christine to himself and terrorizing the opera house until see starred in all of the operas, but some of the more minor details I still don’t get. I should probably read up on the plot some more though in order to develop a more in-depth understanding, and then maybe I will go and see the show again. I mean, third times the charm, right?

The singing itself was amazing. I don’t even understand how people can sing so high and have so much control. This especially goes for Christine and the Phantom. Some of Christine’s high notes were so controlled that I was just overwhelmed and then when I thought she couldn’t go any higher she was push the note that extra step. At times it was hard to hear Christine over the music, but it did not take away from the performance. The Phantom was probably the greatest singer of the entire show. The way he would start out quietly and then slowly crescendo into large booming notes while still being able to be heard well over the orchestra represented true talent.

The final thing that really impressed me seeing the show both this time and on Broadway was the sets and scenery. The sets were amazing, especially the chandelier. The effects and set pieces for the Phantom’s “home” were probably my favorite, but all around the sets and costumes were exceptional.

It’s going to be hard to go back to the United States and not be able to see world-class shows for $50, but I’m trying not to think about that yet! A couple more shows to go!




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