From Mormons to Tchaikovsky

This morning I didn’t make it down to breakfast, but I needed the extra fifteen minutes of sleep. I knew we did not have a strenuous day planned so I decided I would just get something substantial to eat right after class at 12:00 PM. During class we watched and analyzed our first movie, Atonement. If you have not seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it. The soundtrack was really strong and reflected the movie incredibly well. I’ll probably post my movie analysis once I get it back and graded from my professor.

After class I grabbed my stuff for the rest of the day, got changed into a dress, and then headed out to a cafe. I got coffee from Monmouth Coffee because I had heard good things, but it sadly was not the type of place that you wanted to sit down and write, so I drank my coffee and then headed out. I ended up going to TY Seven Dials again because I really like the environment they had there and they had a decent amount of lunch options. I opted to order a ham and cheese toasted sandwich- along with my chai latte obviously- and then headed downstairs to set up camp for the next hour or so.

I blogged for a little while and then after posting moved on to doing my Bible Study. I was about halfway done watching a ten sermon sermon series online, so I watched another one and then headed over to the theater to find my seat for The Book of Mormon. You all probably know by now how I felt about the show from my post The World of West End: Book of Mormon, but that’s okay, I’m still glad I went. After the show I hurried back to the hotel because it was about 5:00 PM and I had to meet my class in the lobby to head to another concert at 6:15 PM.

I just tried to relax and get a little organized until heading down to the lobby. We took a seemingly round-about bus ride to get over to Cadogan Hall, which is actually a church converted into a concert hall that is now home to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. That evening they would be preforming “Sunburst” by David Gompper, Johannes Brahms’s Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 77, and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 in F Minor, Op. 36- my favorite piece of the night, especially the third movement. I am still getting used to the world of professional orchestra concerts and still find myself constantly astounded.

The beginning of the concert brought a slight wardrobe malfunction with it when the zipper of my boot completely came off. The boots had been falling apart for a while, but they matched nicely with my dress, so I had decided to risk it. Clearly I made the wrong decision. To fix the boot I ripped two hair ties in half, tied them together, and then tied it around the top of my boot to keep it up. It wasn’t the most fashionable look, but it worked to get me home.

At the interval (the British way of saying intermission) we moved from our seats over on the side to the middle section where we could enjoy a fuller sound, but this greatly upset the elderly couple sitting behind us. I moved so that I was not blocking their view and then apologized profusely, blaming it on the rest of my class (whoops!). After the concert I headed out pretty quickly because I wanted to get back to the hotel in order to FaceTime Bernadette and do our bible study of Francis Chan’s Multiply, something we have not done in way too long. I guess I forgot to mention to anyone that I was leaving because when I exited the tube I had a slew of text messages asking where I was and if I was okay.

The bible study went well, although it was mostly us just caching up and her telling me about everything that was going on at home. When we finally started going over the section we were on, her phone died and we decided to just call it a night. I had already showered, so at that point I was able to just crawl in bed and prepare to go to sleep.


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