Back to the City of Symphonies

This morning I did not have to wake up until 10:00 AM, which was absolutely amazing and incredibly needed. When I was finally woken up I got ready for the day and packed up my duffle bag to head back to London. On our walk to the metro station we stopped at a place where I could get a crepe because if you’re going to go to Paris you HAVE to get a crepe. It was really good, but I think I may have inhaled it slightly too fast.

The ride to the train station was relatively painless and after getting a Chai latte from Starbucks I went up the escalator to check into the train. When the train departed I ended up getting two seats all to myself, even after switching with a couple who wanted to be sitting closer to their four rambunctious children. The train ride was great as I was able to do more of my Bible studies and blog a little bit.

Soon enough we arrived back into St. Pancras International train station and I hopped on a bus and headed back to the hotel as quickly as possible. When I got back to my room it was about 2:30 PM and I had one billion things to do and not enough time. I did some of my laundry because I was running out of clean clothes and then after leaving that out to dry I grabbed my bags and headed to church because I desperately needed to de-stress. I also stopped and grabbed lunch at the Pomme De Pain cafe where I scarfed down a cheese, bacon, and tomato sandwich with a raspberry-apple juice.

Church at Hillsong was once again amazing as people from all over Europe came together to praise the same God. I am pretty sure the guy next to be became a believer at the end of the service, so that was super cool, he just had a different way about him when we were leaving than when we first arrived. The message was talking about how we ARE strong because the joy of the Lord is our strength and just broke down exactly what that meant. It was a great service and I was excited to go back one last time next weekend before leaving the following Wednesday morning.

After church I had twenty minutes at the hotel to try to get more of what I needed done, but I was not as successful as I would have liked to have been. That’s okay though, because I know it will all get done as long as I prioritize and stay focused. The concert tonight was at the Royal Festival Hall and we were seeing the Philharmonia Orchestra, who were incredible. I finally felt myself starting to understand the pieces more now and I was able to stay focused for all of the thirty-minute Mozart piece and about forty-five minutes of the hour long Brukner piece.

Following the concert our professor actually was able to get us to go backstage and meet conductor Andris Nelsons, who is actually currently with the Boston Symphony Orchestra over on our side of the pond. We got our picture taken and it was a really awesome opportunity that we received just because we asked.

After getting back to the hotel around 10:30 PM I did absolutely nothing for about two hours before finally going to bed and preparing for class the following day.


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