Work, Work, SHOP

This morning I woke up at 8:15 AM and was working on my blog by 8:30 AM. I knew the next week was going to be absolutely crazy, but blogging was still a priority for me, so doing it in the morning when I would normally be sleeping seemed like the most time efficient option. After I finished writing I got dressed and then headed down for breakfast. Instead of my normal breakfast I decided to change things up and get bacon instead of sausage and strawberry yogurt in addition to my normal fruits.

Class was kind of frustrating because my professor talks about how he doesn’t want to waste our time, time that we could be in the city, but then he just talks to us about our thoughts on the concerts and everything for thirty minutes at the beginning of class. I understand that the feedback is good, but it’s still kind of frustrating at times. The rest of class went by fine, except for the fact that we had one assignment due the following morning and three that night, with more assignments coming in every night for us to edit.

After class I ran back to the hotel room, did a little bit of laundry, and then headed out to a cafe. Doing laundry this time has been interesting because I’ve just been doing a couple of pieces at a time and then when one piece of clothing dries, I’ll wash something else. When I had successfully re-filled the desk and laundry board with clothes, I grabbed my bags and went back to TY Seven Dials, my go-to cafe when I’m in this area.

I was at TY for at least three and a half hours, but I was actually pretty productive. By the time I left around 5:00 PM I had written one of my assignments that just had to be edited, and re-did two assignments that my professor gave us the option to fix. All I had left to do was my essay draft that was not due until the end of the day tomorrow. I also had time to do my Bible study during my work break. I left feeling pretty good about where I was at and knowing that I would get everything done.

When I got back to the hotel I was there only fifteen or twenty minutes before my aunt texted me that she was ready to go out to dinner. We ended up going back to the fish and chips place I had gone the other day called Gigs. It was just as delicious the second time around and we also ordered some amazing humus because besides being a fish and chips place, the restaurant also featured a variety of Greek dishes.

After dinner Uncle Steve headed back to the hotel while Aunt Nik and I went to go and explore Harrods. It was most definitely overwhelming, but we had a fun time walking through the entire toy/Disney section after picking up some presents for the family. We had to stop at Lillywhites before we got back to the hotel because Aunt Nik needed to pick up some soccer- or should I say football- stuff for one of her friends. I was absolutely exhausted when we got back to the hotel and I didn’t stay up that much later after making it back to the hotel room.


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