The Final Stretch

This morning I actually woke up even earlier than usual and was out of bed by 8:15 AM. I decided to blog first thing in the morning again so I had that done and could use the rest of my day to write my paper that was due at midnight. The paper was just a draft, but I knew it would be beneficial in the long run to have a solid draft and then not have to do as much editing.

During class we watched The Lodger by Alfred Hitchcock with Nitin Sawhney’s original score that was created in 2012. It was interesting to see just a modern film score paired with such an old silent film. It was hard to focus at times, but the movie was engaging for the most part and it was definitely better than just listening to another lecture.

After class I headed over to Portabello Road and stopped in at a cafe called Farm Girl that my roommate had gone to the day before and recommended. It was a vegan cafe, so for lunch I ordered a Coconut BLT where the bacon was made from coconut. It was actually pretty good, but I would not say that it would adequately replace bacon. I was seated at a long table upstairs which worked pretty nicely until this overly loud couple came upstairs and sat near me. This was when I realized I had forgotten to bring my headphones with me. I had no choice but to power through though.

I ended up finishing about three pages of my paper, which was close to being half-way done. At that point I could not concentrate for any longer though so I left and decided to go and walk through the market. I walked all the way down looking at the antiques and vendors that were along the road. I found one table that was covered in old cameras- it was really cool! I didn’t end up buying anything and decided to head back to the hotel because I had half of a sandwich in my backpack.

When I got back I tried to work on my paper some more, but ended up not really doing much and soon giving up to go shopping. I went over to Primark, which is kind of like a Forever 21, but cheaper. I tried on about eight items, but settled on just buying an oversized cardigan sweater that had a maroon and gray pattern on it- shocking color choices, I know. Back in the room again I was able to finish writing the paper before Aunt Nik texted me saying that they were back from their tour and ready for dinner.

We took after my grandparents and didn’t get to dinner until close to 9:00 PM. We went to a pub called Dog & Duck. I ordered a burger and it was alright, but nothing special. After finishing our food we were going to order the dessert trio, but it was already 9:50 PM and the kitchen closed ten minutes earlier. Disappointed, we headed back to the hotel.

I called Peter and talked to him for a little while simultaneously creating my works cited page for my essay. When that was done I sent it in to my professor, showered, and then went to bed, knowing that I could sleep in because we did not have class the next day.


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