Solving Problems with Pasta

This morning I planned to sleep until I woke up and get the sleep I needed, but I had so many things I had to do that I still ended up waking up around 9:00 AM. I probably could have gone to get breakfast in the lobby, but instead just did some laundry and procrastinated in my room.

When I was too hungry to do anything else I headed back to TY Seven Dials in hopes of getting some work done considering I had such a productive day there the day before. The plan for the day was to do work until around 3:00 PM then head to the Churchill Imperial War Rooms before meeting my aunt and uncle to go to dinner. After trying to get work done until around 2:00 PM, but not getting anything done and just feeling frustrated I gave up and headed back to the hotel.

Being back in the hotel did not help anything and I had zero motivation to do anything. Because of that, I ended up doing absolutely nothing and just getting more overwhelmed by the time I was wasting.

Finally around twenty minutes to six I got changed for our symphony concert that night and then headed to the bus stop to catch a bus to Royal Festival Hall, where I was meeting my aunt and uncle for dinner. We ended up going to an Italian place that’s name was some year. The restaurant was conveniently located right across the walkway from the entrance to the Hall where I had to meet my class at 7:00 PM for the concert at 7:30 PM. I ordered bow-tie pasta with zucchini in it and it was exactly what I needed.

When dinner was finished I decided I needed dessert for my soul. We ordered some toffee cake with lemon ice cream, but it had still not arrived at 7:06 PM. I refused to stay over at the hall without first eating my dessert so I ran across to my professor, grabbed my ticket, and then came back to the restaurant to wait for my dessert. When it arrived I inhaled it. Needless to say, it was absolutely delicious even when being shoveled down.

The concert was one of the easier ones to make it through since the longest piece was only forty-four minutes. Anything longer than forty-five minutes seemed to outlast my classical musical attention span. Following the concert I got back to the hotel in record time and was able to call Bernadette and catch-up with her for a hour or so. After hanging up, I showered and went to sleep hopeful that the following day would be better.

(UPDATE: Today is SO much better and I’m looking forward to writing about it tomorrow! No worries!)


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