War Rooms and Dinner Dates

This morning I woke up early to finish reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time so I could send it home with my aunt and uncle and then have an excuse to buy more books. When I finished reading I met them downstairs with a packed duffle bag of all the stuff I brought with me or bought here that I probably didn’t actually need. Breakfast was good and then I said good-bye to them and headed over to class.

During class we had conductor and orchestrator James Shearman come in to talk to us about what it was like to work on a film score. He was absolutely amazing and incredibly down-to-earth, telling us about how at times he would turn down jobs if he did not believe in them or did not think it would be an uplifting environment. His most recent movie he worked on was Beauty and the Beast and he’s also done Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. So only two of my favorite movies. He ALSO lives down the street from Emma Watson, that’s just entirely not fair.

After we finished asking him questions and he gave us advice, our professor ended class early for the day. I decided to finally go over to the Winston Churchill Imperial War Rooms for a couple hours before getting some work done. They were absolutely incredible and I was able to add to my collection of knowledge about World War II. I ended up buying two books in the gift shop, but it’s okay because they just replace the ones I sent home this morning. Although the average time to spend in the war rooms is about a hour and a half to two hours, I was there over two and a half. When I finally reached the end of my self-guided tour I came up the stairs and re-entered into the real world of papers and exams.

Back at the hotel I tried to focus, but ended up just Face-Timing my family and procrastinating. I decided to go around the corner to Pomme de Pain and there I ordered a snack and a drink. I got a yogurt with granola because I figured that would hold me over until dinner and an apple and elderberry juice that was delicious. After I finished my juice I gave in and ordered a chai latte.

Around 5:30 PM Peter texted me saying he was leaving his Five Guys. Since we hadn’t seen each other in almost a month we decided to have a “date” and we both got Five Guys and had it together over Skype. It worked out well because it was lunchtime for him and dinnertime for me.

Following the date I tried to get some work done in the hotel room and then when my roommate got back from dinner we went to the diner down the road because they were 24-hour and had good milkshakes. I got a milkshake followed by a passionfruit and apple cider while I did my best to learn terms and a list of composers and movies that I could identify by their songs. When I felt I had sufficiently learned all that I could, I headed back to the hotel, hoping to get to sleep at a reasonable time.

My roommate and I stayed up talking for a while though so by the time I got ready for bed it was about 12:30 AM. That still allowed me to get eight hours of sleep though, so I wasn’t too worried.


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