Late Night Adventures

UPDATE: When you’re doing one billion things a day and fall behind on blogging it’s REALLY hard to remember what you did four three days ago, so let’s see how this goes.

This morning I woke up determined to finish reading The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher, so that’s exactly what I did. I actually finished it over breakfast at Café Salt and Pepper that was down the road from our hotel. I wanted a “real breakfast” and I woke up too late to go down to the hotel breakfast, so I ended up getting a cheese and spinach omelette and a smoothie. It was very refreshing!

When I got back to the room I wasn’t feeling great so I decided to just use the day to rest again and take a nap. I could tell I was getting towards the end of the trip because I was having less and less energy as time went on. I wasn’t getting stressed out about it though because I knew I had done a lot during the trip already and it was okay to take a couple rest days in order to finish the trip strong.

I woke up around 5:00 PM and tried to get myself organized before meeting with my youth leader over Skype to talk about some service opportunities I had been planning. The plan was to meet at 6:00 PM, but 6:00 came and went and around 6:25 PM I finally gave up and decided to go and get a quick bite to eat before meeting up with Ana-Maria. Of course the second I left I got a text message about the meeting, but we ended up just post-poning until I got home.

I went back to the cafe around the corner- Pomme de Pain and just ordered a chai latte and grabbed a yogurt with granola. When I got back to the room I ate my yogurt while talking to Peter for a little bit on Skype. Around 7:30 PM I left the hotel to go and meet Ana-Maria by the tube station at Harrods. This became difficult because the exit I went out of closed at 8:00 PM and that was the time we were supposed to meet. I did not see her at that exit and there was about three others, but I did not want to leave incase she showed up. When it hit 8:15 PM I decided to start walking towards the other exit in hopes of running into her. I ended up being successful and we met up and headed back towards Harrods.

We wandered around until they closed at 9:00 PM and spent most of our time in the toys sections- the only place we could be without feeling too poor and too out-of-place. After we left we walked over to Birmingham Palace to see it all lit up at night. We got kind of lost and cut through a dark park, but in the end we made it there safely. After visiting the Queen we headed towards Big Ben and the London Eye. Both were absolutely stunning lit up and it was cool to have been able to see them both during the day and at night.

When we finished taking photos it was already 10:00 PM and my phone had just died. Ana-Maria wanted to go get food (people in Western Europe eat so late!!!), but I was exhausted and concerned about my phone so I decided to head back. After exiting my tube station I opted to run across the street and get some Burger King quickly before going back to the hotel room, eating it, showering, and heading to sleep.


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