Empty Wallet, Full Heart

I woke-up early today, slightly nervous for my presentation. I say slightly because I know I’m a good public speaker so I know I would be absolutely fine, but I was used to being graded quite strictly when it came to speeches and my preparation was far less than what I had done for COMM350 back in Delaware. That being said, I woke up with enough time to go over my speech once and that definitely helped calm my nerves.

Class was fine as I was transported back to intermediate school, trying to sneakily read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone under my desk while boring presentations went on around me. Soon enough it was my turn to present. Prezi amazed my professor as he had never seen anyone use it before and it was my go-to for presentations. The whole thing went very smoothly and the only questions I received was “what got me so interested in World War 2,” a question I was thrilled to answer.

(The reason I find WW2 so fascinating is because of my Aunt Clara and how inspired I am by her and all she overcame as a young Jewish girl under the Nazi reign.)

Let me not get ahead of myself though. At the beginning of the semester we were assigned to think about the question “Why London? Think about and explore what sets London apart from other cities and allows them to support five classical orchestras.” I decided to take a historical approach to the question. My conclusion was that the people kept the classical music scene in London alive and to prove this I looked at three major organizations or groups during WW2. One of the easiest ways to determine the success of anything is to see how it survives through adversity. With WW2 being one of the greatest challenges our world has had to face it only seemed fitting to use that as my example. If you want to read my paper just let me know and maybe I’ll post it on my blog as one final London “hurrah.”

After reading my way through another three presentations class was over and I headed back to the hotel room to figure out what to do next. Since I was hungry and feeling adventurous I decided to try the little Indian place down the street from our hotel. It did not look like much from the outside, but inside the place was gorgeous and relatively fancy looking- a trend that I’ve noticed in London is that restaurants typically like to give the appearance of being fancier than they really are. I ordered some chicken thing with rice that wasn’t spicy at all (thank goodness!) and very delicious!

When I finished eating and paying I walked straight past the hotel and over to the British Museum. I had spent four and a half weeks in London and had to been to countless museums besides the one that was literally RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Since I’m ridiculous and feel the need to read every single thing in museums I ended up spending two hours there and only getting through the Ancient Egypt exhibits. I was able to see all of the mummies though and the Rosetta Stone, which was pretty cool.

Gross Fact: When they went to mummify people and they couldn’t cut them open to get their organs out, they would dissolve the organs and then take them out your butt.

After I left the museum I stopped at Starbucks and tried their Butterscotch latte that was actually pretty good. When I got back to the hotel I FaceTimed Peter until he had to leave for work and then I called my grandparents. When I got off the phone I decided to head over to Oxford Street to do some shopping because I hadn’t spent enough money already this trip (that was sarcasm). I first went into Accessorize and bought a shawl thing and a hat, and then I went to Top Shop, H&M, and a couple other stores for before deciding to head back before I was completely broke. All in all I would say that it was a very successful shopping trip.
I had planned on going to DF Mexico and getting tacos or something, but when I had almost made it there I saw another healthy fast-food type place called Leon, so I decided to go there instead. I ordered a Moroccan Meatball Box and a Coke and then headed back to the hotel room to eat it. Everything was surprisingly really good. Over dinner I talked to Jackie and showed her all of my new purchases.

When we got off the phone I did some laundry and showered before trying to go to sleep. After getting into bed I developed a horrible migraine and had to take both my prescription medication and sleeping medicine in order to fall asleep.


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