Sunday in the City

I woke-up around 9:00 AM this morning and got up and got dressed relatively quickly. Instead of Hillsong Church being around the corner at the Dominion Theater it was moved to the Apollo Victoria today, which was about a thirty minute bus ride away. I decided to be more productive with my Sunday than usual and attend the 11:00 AM service.

It was weird being back at the Apollo Victoria because that’s also where I had seen Wicked a couple of weeks earlier. I did not love the theater for church as much because there were less seats in the stalls and being up in the circle kind of made me feel removed. The service was fine, although the speaker was not as good as they had been the past couple weeks. I still enjoyed it and felt blessed that I had such an up-lifting church community here in London for the past four weeks.

After church I headed back to the hotel, packed my bag with my laptop, and then headed to TY to get some work done. I had my final presentation the following day, so I mostly just worked on creating my Prezi, so then later all I had to do was create my presentation notes and practice. The place was more crowded than it normally was when I arrived because I got there a little later in the day than usual, but I was still able to find a space to work. I ordered a bowl of their Minestrone soup and ended up getting two Chai lattes. I had finished the presentation by the time I left.

When I got to the hotel I just hung around for a while, the original plan being to go and get dinner out towards the Barbican and then just meet the class at the center for our movie that night with a live orchestral performance. I ended up being too lazy to go out to the Barbican early, mostly because it was raining pretty hard. Instead I ran across and down the street to a little Fish and Chips place. It was incredibly delicious (even though I still claim to not be a fish person) and they had amazing desserts. I ordered the Tiramisu and ended up basically inhaling it.

Before I left for the Barbican I talked to Peter for a bit. When I arrived at the Barbican our professor told us that even though we originally had a movie review for The Visitors our professor essentially told us he was too lazy to grade it so it was optional and for our The Lodger movie reviews, we all got high As. Although I was kind of annoyed that he wasn’t doing his job fully, at least I did not have to do any extra work. The movie was very interesting, but I kept on falling asleep and did not really have the attention span to keep up with it. After the movie I went back to the hotel room, did some pre-packing prep and then went to sleep.


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