The Road to Tijuana


If you had told me back in August that I would be going to Mexico with White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church and my best friend Katie, I would have looked at you and said, “What church is that and who is Katie?” Needless to say, as I now board the plane to Tijuana,  God has changed my life dramatically in the last nine months.

Thanks to my RA at the University of Delaware I got connected with another Christian who lived down the hall from me, Katie. I still vividly remember walking to her door and knocking, not knowing what I would say. Her roommates opened the door and I awkwardly said something along the lines of, “I know this will sound really weird, but tell Katie to come to Room 229 later.” Although she had no reason to, later that night I heard a knock on my door and through a couple of dinners and a shared love of Pokemon Go, I had found a new best friend.

Moving to a new city, one of my first priorities was to find a church community. I had spent the majority of September church-hopping, waiting for God to tell me where I should attend. Towards the end of the month I went with Katie to her church, White Clay Creek Presbyterian, and then that evening to her youth group. When we got to our small group, our leader, Jason, passed around an interest sign-up sheet for their summer mission’s trip to Mexico. Although I was instantly interested in any missions opportunity, I barely knew these people or this church so I wasn’t going to sign up. However, when the sheet got to me Jason turned to me and goes, “So Jenna, are you going to sign up?” Before I knew it I was writing my name down on the paper and gave the trip over to God.

As the year progressed, White Clay became my church home away from Crossing and I found myself spending the majority of my Sundays with the other people. Through many days spent hunting for Pokemon and even more late night trips to Applebees I began forming relationships apart from my friendship to Katie, I felt fully accepted into the community.

Before I knew it, I was not only signed up for Mexico, but had a deposit in and was beginning to write support letters and form my prayer team.

That’s where you all come in. I thank you for all of the love and support you have shown me so far in my journey. At this moment I am probably somewhere between Philadelphia and Tijuana, because of God and because of you. Now, I ask for prayers. Prayers for the team, that we remember why we are there. Prayers for energy, as we work to build two houses over the course of one week. Prayers for courage, to share the gospel. Prayers for ingenuity, to overcome the language barrier. And finally, prayers for safety.

Mexico Missions Team Summer 2017- White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church

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