Mexico Missions: Precision Cutting

June 6th, 2017

This morning was a little different from the previous days, starting with the fact that we had to wake up earlier. Tuesdays in this town were market days. Our street and two adjacent ones were crowded with various stands selling everything from classical GameBoy and Nintendo 64 games to hats and clothes to various foods. I went out to the market with Jason, Adam, Drew, and Dylan. I didn’t buy anything, but Dylan bought a new Nike hat, and most of the guys got candy. On our way back we bought taquitos that Dylan, Jason, and I split (breakfast part 2!).

When we got back to the orphanage, we grabbed our stuff, loaded the vans, and were ready to go! I was determined to do more today because although my foot still hurt, there was a large purple/blue bruise that covered the entire right side, extending out to my middle toe. This may not sound encouraging, but it meant that the only thing going on with my foot was probably a bruise. I could handle the pain from a bruise.

Our goal at the worksite was to get as many walls as possible up and begin to paint our first coat. I was actually decent at hammering, but my noodle arms made it slightly harder to keep it going for a while. A skill I did have was the precision to measure and cut all the different sized boards with the chop saw. I’m pretty sure Alex, Drew, and I measured and cut every single board that was part of the house.

For lunch, Alex, Sean, and I visited the other site. While we were there the family for their site brought everyone rice pudding with cinnamon and vanilla. It was delicious. It is also kind of crazy to think about how little these families have and they are still just trying to find things to do for US or ways to serve US.

All of the frames we made today had to be nailed down overnight so they didn’t “grow legs and walk away.” When we were done we were essentially out of material and had three-sided walls up and two frames. This meant that we only had two more frames to put up tomorrow. It was really encouraging to see actual walls and really made it feel like a house!

When we got back to the orphanage I got changed then headed upstairs for dinner. We had lasagna, but it was kind of hard to eat because Joe and I were huddled together under one of Katie’s blankets. About halfway through dinner I hit a wall and felt the urge to leave, so I did. I decided to try taking a shower, which kind of helped, but I still felt off. When I finished showering it was just about time for chapel.

I really struggled to find a word of the day and see where God was. I ended up settling with precision. I was the board measurer on my site today, which required precision because otherwise, the whole house would be off. Also, although my foot was improving, if I wasn’t careful and precise with where I was stepping, I’d feel a sharp pain.

After we finished chapel, Katie asked if I was feeling okay. I said not entirely, so we went out to one of the right-side balconies– a view we had not really seen before. It was really nice to catch up with Katie. I really missed her and it was hard not being on the same work team as her, although I definitely saw the benefits of us being split up. I was still feeling off, but more relaxed when we finished talking. Katie opted to stay and hang out upstairs, but I decided I should just go to sleep. I wrote for a little while and then passed out before 9:30 PM.


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