Mexico Missions: Intentional Timing

June 7, 2017

This morning I decided to slightly alter my morning routine and wake-up earlier in hopes of getting in some morning journaling time. It was really refreshing to start my day off like that. Our breakfast was once again bacon and eggs. When I finished eating I grabbed my notebook and went out onto the balcony to keep writing.

The worksite today was slightly more cramped than it usually was since we already had most of our walls up. Once we unloaded the majority of our materials I got right to work with measurements. I had the manual with the information on what we were going to need, so I just got to work. The main material we needed was the wood for exterior and interior doors, as well as one more window. When that was done I hopped around, hammering some nails, and painting the home a vibrant green color. Everyone was ebbing and flowing around one another ensuring that everyone would get done.

Once we got the walls up, there was a lot of climbing around that had to be done. I felt like a child as we climbed all over the interior walls hammering various pieces of the home together. For painting, we had to climb to reach the top of the wall as well. At first, I tried climbing onto Drew, but since we so often had to re-fill paint we concluded that climbing on the rafters would be safer and more productive. The most climbing I had to do was at the end when I had to hold the outside of the rafters while Drew and his tall, lanky, self stood on a paint box in the middle of the house and hammered them in.

When we were done with the day’s work the final product was surreal. First off, we had an actual house—four walls, a floor, and even part of a roof. The second thing that was surreal to me was the idea that SEVEN people would be living in a house smaller than my bedroom at home. Chris was saying that even though there are seven family members, there would most likely be more relatives and community members that eventually more or less just moved in. They were so excited about this little box and it is something that we are able to give them through the power and grace of God. God has a very special plan for this family and by his grace, we get to be a part of it which is really, really amazing.

We got back to the orphanage later than usual and were all pretty hungry. While we waited for dinner to be served, Joe, Katie, Alex, and I began a game of Dutch Blitz. It ended until after dinner when all my brand new cards started blowing away. Dinner was empanadas—some with chicken, others with just cheese, and both delicious. As soon as we finished dinner we ran down the stairs to go get dessert round one at the ice cream store. I got one scoop of coconut and another scoop of cookies and cream. When we got back it was about time for chapel. Joe and I got everyone in the room to put their elbow on the arm of the person next to them. By the time we were ready to start worship everyone was doubled over in laughter.

Worship was really powerful. Everyone knew the words to the first two songs and I just really felt God’s presence within the group. We sang, “Indescribable” followed by “Lord I Need You.” Following worship, we had a chance to talk about how we saw God in each other, which was really cool and encouraging. My word of the day was intentional. I felt as though I had been more intentional today with my time. We were also at the point of the trip where the end was very much in sight. That meant that every moment we spent here, whether it be with each other or with the family at the worksite, had to be intentional and ultimately God-focused.

After we finished, Joe, Katie, Alex, and I finished up our Dutch Blitz game (which I won!). When the game was over I decided to go and take some quiet time before bed. I journaled a bit and then just let my mind wander under I drifted to sleep.


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