Mexico Missions: Life Full of Laughter

June 8th, 2017

This morning I was once again able to wake-up early to have time to journal before breakfast. I knew today was going to be a long day and I wanted to have some time to myself first. I was getting into a flow of words coming out onto the page when suddenly I head, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” followed by a high-pitched shriek. Today was Adam’s birthday and the guys in his room had made plans to wake him up bright and early to celebrate it. For breakfast, we had a breakfast casserole and, of course, coffee. After, we had our typical quiet time before loading the truck and heading to the worksite.

At the worksite, there was quite a bit of work that still had to be done. As everyone unloaded the truck, Dave had me climb the sides of the house to help get the last of the rafters up so we could begin on the roof. The beginning of the day felt a little slow especially since Drew spent it with the other team. Luckily, in the afternoon we got Drew back and Rachel came to help us from the kitchen staff. I spent basically all my day on the roof: first nailing down the wood, then the paper, and finally the tar. Although we met many roadblocks over the course of the day I feel like I was constantly laughing, whether that was messing around with Drew and Jason or dancing on the rooftop with Rachel. Today I also had to overcome my fear of ladders. I realized that heights and climbing do not bother me, but the thought of having to climb down a ladder absolutely terrifies me. Luckily, my team was incredibly patient and supportive.

By the time we left, I was covered with dirt, paint, tar, and bruises. Although the bruises would be around for a while a nice, hot shower could cure everything else. Today my foot was beginning to turn a really pretty blue color. It still hurt, but it had not gotten any worse. I was just grateful that I was still able to do any work at all.

For dinner, our families came over and the orphanage cooked us fish tacos. I am normally not one for fish, but these were actually pretty delicious! There was also a really good drink, but I honestly have no idea what it was. Before dinner was served, Joe, Dylan, Drew, and I played a really aggressive game of basketball that was probably a bad idea for my foot. During dinner, Joe and I were messing with one of the little girls from Joe’s site and despite the language barrier, communicating quite well. We ended the dinner portion of the night with cake, ice cream, and a piñata to celebrate Adam’s birthday.

Afterward, we had a little time before going to chapel so Adam, Drew, Dylan, and I went upstairs to play cards. We settled on playing Kemps. Adam and I were partners and our secret signal was licking our lips, something I was really bad a doing casually. It did not matter though because although Adam got Kemps round one, I missed the signal. Needless to say, for the next round we needed to re-evaluate. We settled on kicking Dylan or Drew—a signal I could totally get behind! This time I was ready and when Dylan yelled “OW!” I yelled “Kemps!” securing us the point.

My word for the day was “laughter.” This trip in its nature is very difficult both physically and mentally. It would be really easy to become exhausted and get inside of my own head, but by God’s grace, I was able to spend my whole day laughing.

After chapel, I went back to the room and talked to Katie for a while. It was one of those conversations that felt like only ten minutes but was actually closer to two hours. Needless to say, we fell asleep almost instantly once we shut our mouths!


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