Boat Rides and Goodbyes​

June 24th, 2017

This morning I woke up and was absolutely exhausted. I wanted to wake-up early to really enjoy my last day in Corinth, but that wasn’t happening. I quickly got breakfast by myself, then just went back upstairs to blog and prepare to head back home to Athens. Right as breakfast was ending, Austin came outside to ask me if I was ready to go get food. I gave him the news that breakfast had already ended, so we walked towards the session for the day.

I really tried to fully embrace my last Trevor time, but I was still dozing off. I ended up not even taking any notes on it. We did get to sing some songs, which always made waking up slightly easier. Especially because we got to sing “The Summons” again. When we finished the devotion we had about a five to ten-minute break. Devon, Austin, and I opted to go and find iced coffee at the café down the road. We came back slightly late to Jim’s last time speaking, but we had coffee and cold water, so in my mind, it was worth it.

For our final session, Jim talked about how love was both radical and risky. He went over the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 and talked about how we tend to see ourselves as the lost son and others as the older son. To think about things differently would be radical. Then we went over Luke 10:25-28 and how through loving and serving others we risky and we could get hurt.

He left us with this illustration: There is a large table with lots of food, but everyone has very long spoons. In hell, everyone was starving because they couldn’t feed themselves, but in heaven the fed each other.


After we prayed, we brought our stuff down to the lobby area and then Austin and I went to go explore the beach to the right because we had not headed down that direction before. We found a couple sea urchins and then followed the trail around to another area that had a couple boats set up and a beach in the distance. IMG_6959.JPG.jpegIt was really beautiful and I’m really glad we decided to take the time to explore. Austin didn’t seem to realize that any place he climbed or jumped to, I would follow, broken foot or not.

As we rejoined the rest of the group, we waited to get onto the boat that was going to take us through the Corinth canal. It was a really cool experience. The bridge that we went past was actually one of three bridges in the world to drop when boats needed to pass instead of rising or splitting down the middle. We also saw people bungee jumping, and as much as it kind of terrified me in Costa Rica, I would do it again. Overall, the canal was beautiful and a great way to end our trip to Corinth.


Back at the hotel, we played a couple of rounds of Phase 10 until lunch was ready. For lunch, Austin and I sat with Jim and Katherine again, but we finished eating relatively quickly. When we had both finished we wandered around for a while trying to figure out what to do until it was time to leave. We didn’t really figure anything out, so we just kind of wandered around aimlessly instead.

The ride back was pretty uneventful and when we finally got back to the hotel I was just kind of done with people and wanted to go to sleep. Instead, though, I taught our group how to play Exploding Kittens and we played a couple of rounds of that before going to dinner. We argued for about thirty minutes over where our six-person group could go for dinner until they finally realized we could just split into two separate groups. Devon, Austin, and I ended up a crepe/cafe type place. I had the bacon panini on pita that was absolutely delicious. While we were eating a man came up to us asking for money. He was from Iran and instead of giving him money I just invited him to come to the church of Omonia and they could help him there. I wish I had prayed for him before sending him away. After dinner as we were leaving, another woman came up to us asking for help. I gave her the remainder of my left-overs and then we headed back to the apartment.

At our nightly meeting, I talked about how I saw God giving me an opportunity to love those homeless people at dinner, and I probably could have done more. Now all I could do was pray for more opportunities. We ended the night by picking prayer partners to encourage and pray with for the rest of the trip. Nicole ended up being my prayer partner. We ended up talking for quite a while both before and after we prayed. It was a very good idea and a productive time.

When she left, I hung out with Austin for a little bit before deciding to go to bed, but when I went to my room, I began to stress out. There were a bunch of things that just didn’t seem to be going the way they should be and it was beginning to get to me. Finally, I just gave up and went to sleep, knowing that changes had to be made for the following day.


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