Stuck in Bed

June 28th, 2017

I continued my typical routine of waking up early, then going outside to blog, eat breakfast, and do my Bible study. I was completely caught up on blogging, so now it was just about getting the pictures from my phone to my computer and into the posts, but with spotty wi-fi that is more difficult than you may think.

I had to speed things along this morning because I was leaving twenty minutes early with Austin, Nicole, and Ashley to go to Omonia and help sweep and mop the floors. When we arrived, we walked in and one of the other groups was having quiet Bible Study time, so we had to be quieter than expected. It did not take very long to clean around them. When we finished, I found a quiet corner and also read some more of Leviticus. Eleni never showed up, so we delegated tasks amongst ourselves and then got to work.

After such a fulfilling time with the children the day before, I decided to specifically work with kids today. They had some string to make bracelets out, so I channeled my inner fourth-grade self and got to work. The second I started making them though, a horde of kids came around me telling me colors they wanted for theirs. Although I remembered how to make the bracelets, I did not remember how to make them quickly. In the end, I think I made four or five bracelets. Maybe I’m just weak, but I swear my arms were sore after tieing so many knots.

It was really fulfilling to work with the children because I know that that is something I am good at and I also really enjoy it. The first two days in the church I really wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and try teaching English, but it was nice to really fall back into my niche today. For some reason, we cleaned up the kid toys really early and just headed back inside to wait for everyone else to be finished. As we waited, I got really exhausted and a headache began to develop. I talked to Rusty and we were able to find two other people- Emily and Austin- to head back to the apartment with me. When we got back I laid down in my bed and was out cold within seconds.

I woke up a little after 6:00 PM to an entirely empty apartment. I texted Austin to find out where everyone went and apparently they had just left to go to one of the squat camps to interact with the refugees there. I was very upset that no one had woken me up to check and see if I was feeling better or if I wanted to go. I definitely would have gone considering it was such a unique opportunity and our last full day here in Greece.

I was disappointed but tried not to let it get to me too much. I took advantage of the downtime by calling my mom and Peter. It was nice being able to talk to them without worrying that I was missing out on interacting with the rest of the group.

When everyone finally returned I questioned why everyone had left without checking on me and no one really gave me a straight answer. The lack of communication on this trip was beginning to drive me insane, but I just tried to rely on God and stay relatively calm. Austin, Devon, Emily, Nicole, Ashley, and I ended up going out to dinner because the rest of the group stayed behind at the place to have dinner there. We went to this place right down the street where we got some sort of chicken pita things. It basically reminded me of a Greek panini if you can imagine that.

After getting back to the apartment Austin and I hung out for a bit. And by that I mean I was trying to blog and he came into my room and started jumping up and down on my bed. In hopes of getting him to stop, I more or less kicked him in the face. He then ended up rolling under Jordan’s bed and stayed there for a good ten to fifteen minutes. When he finally came out, he went to go plop onto my couch and there was a loud crashing noises. One of the bars that held up the underside of the couch had fallen off. He claimed he fixed it, but after that, I decided to just kick him out.

Everyone else arrived back from their dinner after 10:00 PM and apparently they did not even get to stay for the whole meal or the beginning of the wedding. I was still kind of annoyed about the whole situation and still exhausted so I just went to sleep.

Around 1:45 AM, however, I woke up absolutely drenched in sweat. I fumbled my way into the kitchen, found and chugged some of Austin’s water, and then headed into the living room where the air conditioning was better and passed out for the night there.



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