The Road to Cameroon

Part 1: Called to Serve My journey to Cameroon started in October of this past year on a retreat with the Baptist Student Ministry. During our retreat, we had a variety of different breakout sessions that we could choose to go to. Because of my interest in missions, I chose to go to the two missions-oriented sessions.

me at BSM fall retreat!

In the one, we talked about how we typically allowed things that weren’t necessarily bad- money, family, safety, education- to keep us from serving. This really stuck with me. In my family education has always been one of the most important things. Both of my parents have their doctorate degrees and my father was a first-generation college student. That being said, I felt as though I was putting God in a box- giving him my summers and breaks to serve, but not the semester. I began to give this over to God.

Part 2: Confirmation I felt God calling me to take the next Fall of school off to serve Him. When I told my home pastor and parents about my plans, I received full support (especially once I promised I would still graduate on time)! This was just confirmation that I was making the right decision. I went ahead and applied (and was accepted to) a Christian organization’s semester-long mission program designed for students.

Part 3: A Random Lunch Over winter break I got lunch with my mom and the Communication’s Director at World Team- a good friend of my mom’s. As someone pursuing a degree in Communications, I was grateful for this connection. The woman expressed multiple times how if I ever wanted to serve with World Team, just let her know. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it, but God has a different plan.

Part 4: Doors Closing I was supposed to hear back about the trip I was placed on by late-February to early-March, but by April I still had not heard anything. I was starting to worry, but I knew God was in control. My mom asked me a couple of times if I should think about registering for classes, but I knew that even if I didn’t end up going abroad in the Fall, I was supposed to take the semester off and serve God. I began to start looking into other opportunities though, in case this one didn’t come through.


Part 5: Coming Full Circle I reached out to the woman that I had met with over Christmas break and asked if World Team potentially had any opportunities for me. I also reached out to another organization that responded positively. Soon, I stopped praying for more options and started praying for clarity on which route to pursue. Right before finals in May, I had two video calls with potential missions fields.

Part 6: Better Than Expected I remember the morning I had my interview call with World Team’s Cameroon field. I talked with the family that I would potentially be living with. We talked about my various skills and interests and when we said good-bye they said they would be sending me a job description later that day. When I received the job description it was better than I ever imagined. Not only would I be getting a look at what living in the missions field would be like, but I would be doing communications work for a training center they were building and tutoring a young adopted missionary girl! Two of my passions would be used to bring glory to God’s Kingdom!!

That’s the story of how I went from a University of Delaware student to preparing to leave for Cameroon for FOUR WHOLE MONTHS! Stay tuned for another post about exactly where I will be and what I will be doing.



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