Top things people want to know about my semester-long trip to Africa

When I tell people that I am going to Africa for four months, I tend to receive an array of questions. I mean, it is understandable. Not that many twenty-year-old girls in the middle of pursuing their undergraduate degree at a four-year university drop everything to go to Africa for four months! I decided to condense the top responses and questions people ask and just conveniently answer them all here.

Where is Cameroon? Cameroon is a country in Africa for starters (typically confused with Cambodia in Asia for people who don’t know where it is). amCharts (2)It’s on the western coast of Africa (closer to the United States) and the first country underneath the bulge part of the continent. I also added a handy picture to the right so you can really visualize it!

What about school? I am taking the semester completely off– no classes, no credit, and no, the trip is not through the school. All of that being said, the university is completely supportive of what I am doing and I will be returning to school for the spring semester. Also, thanks to having a billion credits already, I’ll still graduate within four years (Class of 2020!!!).

How does your boyfriend feel about you leaving for four months? I feel like he may actually get asked this question more than me, but either way, it doesn’t really matter what he thinks. Right now- being single in the sense that I’m not married- is the best time to do a trip like this. I have fewer obligations in my life right now than I probably ever will again. He is totally supportive though, and in the grand scheme of things, what’s four months, right?

How do your parents feel about you leaving for four months? They’re supportive in the sense that they know I’ve thought this through, and they know that when I put my mind to something, I am going to accomplish it. I’m not just going to Africa on a whim. I’ve thought through, and more importantly prayed through, everything!

Are you nervous? Honestly, not really. I like to say I have my dad and grandmother to worry about things for me! But actually, I know that this is what I am being called to do, so there’s nothing to be nervous about. I got all my shots, I’m going to take all the right precautions that come with going to a foreign country, and other than that, God’s on my side.

Is it safe? As safe as anywhere, really. Every location poses its own threats safety-wise, and like I said before, I’ve taken all the necessary precautions. I have a great travel insurance, I’m going with a reputable organization, and God’s on my side (not to be repetitive).

In a nutshell, these are the answers to the most common questions I get! If you have any more questions I haven’t answered here though, feel free to comment down below!


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