Coffee of Kentucky

Within the past six months, I have traveled to Kentucky twice! My boyfriend’s (Peter’s) brother and sister-in-law (Matt and Becca) live there and his other sister (and my friend), Anna, goes to school there. I first flew out over Spring Break to see Anna at school and then I went again in August with Peter to visit. The majority of BOTH trips consisted mainly of going to coffee shops; and, honestly, I was more than okay with that. Anyway, here is my miniature guide to coffee of Kentucky (well, at least Lexington).

(1) Coffee Times I was lucky enough to get to Coffee Times on both of my trips to Kentucky. It’s located in a little strip-mall not too far from Matt and Becca’s house. It has a really relaxed vibe and the makeshift furniture makes it feel homey in a way. They hadIMG_0434 a wide variety of both drinks and snacks, which is always nice, because I know sometimes coffee places can be lacking on the food selection. They have an option to get either pita or veggies with a variety of dipping options including hummus, spinach dip, and beer cheese! Attached to the sitting area/bar of the coffee shop, they have a little store where you can buy TONS of different coffees or little knick-knacks. They had a wide array of COFFEE MUGS (I may or may not own upward of twenty mugs), which were fun to stroll through. Both times I went there I think I had tea—Chai the first time and a London Fog the second, but from trying Peter and Anna’s coffee I can attest that it is also delicious! If you’re in Lexington, I definitely recommend you stop by; but, don’t count on there being available seating right away!

(2) Chocolate Holler Chocolate Holler is a chocolate and coffee bar that I also had the opportunity to visit twice! One of the things that first stood out to me was the exceptional customer service. Both times I was in Chocolate Holler, the barista at the register was IMG_0431friendly and asked whether we were from the area, how we enjoyed Lexington, and just continued a general conversation. They also had board games and puzzles over in the corner for people to enjoy, which was always a plus with me! I liked the idea that they were really putting forward an environment that said, “Hey, come study, play games, hang out. Take your time!” When you first walked in, they had a “pay it forward” board, where you could donate a cup of coffee and then write something like, “for someone who had a bad day” and then post it on the board. If someone came in and looked at the board, they could pull that note and get a free drink! Such a cool idea! The first time I went I tried a Rose Latte, which was not my favorite (more of the combination than the coffee itself though). The second time I had a Snickerdoodle hot chocolate with espresso that was just perfect! Swing by their location in Lexington and maybe you could even get a free drink!

(3) Daily Offerings Daily Offerings has two locations in the Lexington area. The first one is the roastery, which is located in downtown Lexington. The newer location had just opened up in a shopping center called “The Venue.” Both locations have a very open, airyIMG_0433 feel with lots of windows that allow the sunshine to pour in. They are also animal friendly, which is great for Peter’s brother and sister-in-law who have the most lovable Golden Doodle in the world! The new location has a massive garage door that opens up to an outdoor courtyard area; but, sadly, it was raining when we were there. I really enjoyed taking some time to do work at both locations on my two trips. I’ve tried a variety of drinks, from iced lattes to chai teas and thus far I have not been disappointed. They too have a decent food selection, including a daily quiche that I tried. The only caution would be that they didn’t seem to have a ton of food in the store, so if you’re hungry, GO FOR IT! Daily Offerings is also a family owned business and they view it as “not just as a means to support our family, but also as an avenue to share our blessings.” SO encouraging! Stop by either (or both) of their locations as soon as you can!

(4) North Lime Coffee & Donuts This was my last coffee shop stop on my most recent trip to Lexington. Becca and I spent the morning there chatting and then Peter and Matt IMG_0432joined us a little while later. North Lime has locations in both Lexington and Louisville. They are known for not only their coffee, but also their delicious DONUTS! The donuts are made fresh each day, and whatever is out on display is what they still have for purchase. I tried their carrot cake donut, which I think might have just been a seasonal thing, but either way was absolutely delicious. In Lexington, they get all of their coffee from Nate’s Coffee Roaster. I tried a latte and then also a London Fog. For the London Fog they double-checked it was good, because they don’t often make them. Customer service points right there for sure! The shop itself has a decent amount of seating (although it was still kind of difficult to find someplace to sit). There is definitely more of a family-friendly vibe, with lots of families coming in and out with small children. I would say that if you are looking for somewhere low-key to study, this probably won’t be the place for you. However, if you want to chat with a friend and want some delicious (albeit, not the healthiest) breakfast, definitely swing by North Lime Coffee and Donuts.

If you like coffee, traveling, or find yourself in Kentucky, make sure to check out some (or all) of these amazing coffee shops! Comment if you know of any other good coffee shops in the Lexington area we should check out on our next trip.


3 thoughts on “Coffee of Kentucky

  1. North Carolina has good coffee shops itself.

    One is in Wilmington, which is Bitty and Beau’s, where 80% of its employees are disabled, so it is accepting. Just Wilmington right now is basically an island is shut off from everything- no way to get in or not thanks to Hurricane Florence.

    In Charlotte, my hometown, there is Amelie’s, a french cafe and bakery. Love that place.

  2. I am enjoying the limited coffee shops in my area but so far only one, JT’s Bagel Hut will be in your must try category. I really think you have my and your grandfather’s genes because on all our travels and after Club Med treats we headed to a ‘coffee shop’ albeit that Deardad only drank PLAIN tea but oh, did he enjoy the treats and the guests and servers as did and I still do. Coffee shop visiting is a relaxing and interesting experience because each has its own personality and, when frequented, they become your friends. Keep on sipping and noshing, Love, Dear

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